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  The advantage of automatic stubble cooler compared with the stubble beater
  Fully automatic stubble cooler is a novel brewing equipment, which is characterized by fast speed and high efficiency. It can automatically add water, lower curd, discharge material, average stirring, disperse cooling effect and its ideal. Every stubble cooler has a winding installation composition, winding installation is one of the most important installations of the stubble cooler. The connection installation is located at the bottom of the stubble cooler, which can collect the material leakage from the lower inlet, thus saving material and preventing the phenomenon of wastage.
  1. A winding basket is arranged under the lower opening of the feeding hopper of the stubble cooler and above the transmission chain at the bottom of the stubble cooler.
  2. The ends of the connecting basket are respectively fixed on the cross beam of the bracket of the stubble cooler.
  3. The bending basket is a folded guard plate lifted at one end.
  4. A conditioning bolt is arranged at the lifting end of the folding guard plate to adjust the folding height of the bending basket on the cross beam.
  5. The collection structure of leaks in the outlet of the feeding hopper is formed by connecting the baskets.
  6. The new type of application can effectively stop the collection and secondary application of leaking materials, thereby saving materials.
  Above is the installation characteristics of the cold stubble machine, we must understand and be familiar with the installation characteristics when using, in order to better use it.
  The advantage of stubble cooler over stubble beater
  Fully automatic stubble cooler, workers shovel stubble into the machine after out of the pot, automatically add curl, water to the temperature suitable, automatic unloading, reducing the labor intensity of workers. During the whole cold stubble process, the stubble was mixed equally with Daqu through three mixers.
  Compared with the original stubble beater, the advantages of the automatic stubble cooler are more obvious. The automatic stubble cooler is developed on the basis of the original stubble beater. The original stubble cooler needs 40-50 minutes. After upgrading, the automatic stubble cooler only needs about 20 minutes, which greatly shortens the time, improves the efficiency and shortens the working time.
  The whole stubble cooling process of the original stubble beater takes about 40-50 minutes. It only takes about 20 minutes to use the full-automatic stubble dryer, which shortens the time. The whole machine has the advantages of small power, short working time, energy saving and stubble cooling effect. The original open stubble beater, in the process of cooling stubble, the stubble falling from Bizikong into the open air duct accounted for about 3% of the total amount, which could not be recovered, resulting in direct wastage of raw materials. Before installation, it is necessary to dig holes, build walls and arrange sewage pipes.
  With the full automatic stubble cooler, the stubble leaked from the net belt of the stubble directly falls into the stainless steel box designed by the machine. After clearing, the complete bedding pool is applied, and the cumbersome clearing eliminates the waste and pollution of the environment. Before installation, no preparatory work is required in the air of the workshop. It can also be used on demand.



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