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  In October 2016, Ma Yun put forward the concept of "new retail" for the first time, which set off a thousand waves and triggered the revolution of retail industry and society. Some people say it's nonsense, some people say it's a retail revolution, some people say it's an outlet, some people feel dizzy and confused. Now the blood is still boiling. Because the three words "new retail" are likely to affect the business pattern in the next 10 or 20 years.
  So what is new retail? Even after three years, new retail is still a concept in the minds of most Internet users.
  New retail and internet-based, through the use of large data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology means, in the production, circulation and sales of product upgrading and reform process, and then reshape the business structure and ecosphere, offline and online services and experience, as well as modern logistics in-depth integration of new retail model.
  In March 2019, it was reported that Qufu Rentai automatic liquor vending machine, as the leader of the new direction of liquor retailing, has gradually been accepted by the market and accepted by more and more consumers after nearly a year of operation.
  China has a huge market, a huge population and a huge demand for retail food and beverages, so vending machines will grow rapidly after the financial crisis. At present, no sales is the trend of the times. Vending machines are not unfamiliar to people living in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It entered the Chinese market in 1999. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find vending machines in airports, subway, shopping malls, parks and other places with large passenger flow.
  The vending machines on the Chinese market are not only small in quantity, but also very single in variety. They are mainly bottled and canned drinks vending machines, which have high production and operation costs and low income. The main reason for this situation is that the vending machine enterprises in our country can not effectively solve the problems of cost, quality and operation.
  In the past few years, vending machines have only been able to support cash payments, which is very safe. Supply chain is very immature, equipment failure rate is very high, management troubles, inconvenience to purchase, making many consumers experience very poor, then the economy is not as developed as it is today. However, although vending machines have not performed as expected in the past few years, they have played an important role in nurturing the market.
  Location: Datang Metro Station
  It's 2019 now. Society is progressing and science and technology are developing. The development of new retail, technological innovation and artificial intelligence is promoting the development of vending machines. As an avant-garde retail mode, the vending machine upholds the idea of simplicity, speediness and convenience. Compared with traditional physical stores, it saves labor costs and rents, has a long operating time and is convenient to manage. Traditional vending machines can now support cash, bank cards, stored value cards, token cards and other transaction payment methods, which can achieve large amounts of payment and transaction settlement, thus making the consumption process safer and more convenient.
  The automatic intelligent wine selling machine is not closed for 24 hours, and is easy to operate. It basically improves the payment mode of mobile phones such as WeChat and Alipay. The service of automation is more advantageous than that of manual work, and the demand for practice is quite large. At that time, China's vending machines will develop into a huge industry, and there will be a lot of room for development in the future.
  The cost-effective and inexpensive high performance-price ratio of good wine, a vending machine can sell more than 100 in a day, the total amount of sales reached 3500 yuan a day.
  Anton sold hundreds of bottles of small wine a month in the smart vending machine at Jidaming Lake Building. The price of the liquor was 19.9 yuan, which was warmly welcomed by the people around it. These avant-garde people who dare to taste fresh must be young people who like to chase fashion.
  Excellent quality can be recognized, and dedicated service can be commended. Automatic intelligent wine vending machine is gradually recognized by consumers. Intelligent vending machine, select nearly 100 kinds of good wine, from the original cellar of China's first-line famous liquor enterprises, the world's famous original bottle of imported red wine, brewed beer and other nearly 100 products as sales entities, you can choose to drink!
  We know that many restaurants offer a very single kind of wine during dinner. It is easy to get tired of eating in this way. Nowadays, there are many kinds of liquor in vending machines, and consumers have more choices.
  Vending Machine Location: Big Fish Restaurant
  As far as hotel operators are concerned, it is prevalent to bring liquor to restaurants at present. However, many restaurants prohibit bringing liquor to restaurants. The restaurants themselves do not prepare more kinds of liquor, and there are limited wineries in the hotel docking area. Good wine network specializes in liquor sales, docking with many distilleries, the quality of the liquor is guaranteed. It saves manpower in the vending machine. With the cooperation of the two, the hotel should not worry about the situation that the guests are eating happily and drinking unhappily. It's a win-win situation that more people come to restaurants to eat. As the operator of the hotel, they are very happy to cooperate with the intelligent vending machine and serve customers very conveniently.
  As far as consumers are concerned, people were reluctant to buy wine in restaurants in the past. The main reason is that the price of alcohol is limited and the price is relatively high. However, the consumers themselves bring wine to the restaurant to drink, and the environment of road maintenance is not good. In summer, sometimes the temperature of the trunk is as high as fifty or sixty degrees. When you take out the wine, the taste experience becomes very bad. Now there are vending machines, from warehouse storage to constant temperature vending machines, beer and red wine are the best drinking temperature, taste greatly improved. Red wine suppliers also appreciate that the vending machine allows the wine products to bring their best into full play. Good wine network intelligent sales function better service consumers, so that alcohol consumption back to the hotel.
  Vending Machine Location: Big Fish Restaurant
  Fully automatic intelligent vending machine advocates eating without alcohol, as you buy a new form of shopping, you can buy whatever you want to drink, no longer need to drink a single kind of wine. Each characteristic restaurant welcomes Qufu Rentai Intelligent Vending Machine. The cooperation between Qufu Rentai and restaurant will open a new era of eating and drinking.
  Wine vending machines are also popular with high-end people. Relative to high-end hotels, they all hope that the vending machine can put more high-end good wine, and give customers a better experience. Good Wine Network promises to strictly select wines from vending machines, increase more high-end wines, and ensure that all customers'needs are met.
  Any invention and attempt need time to polish, only need to improve, confidence will be recognized, win more opportunities. Intelligent liquor vending machine is a rising industry in recent years, but now it has gradually gained the support and recognition of consumers, consumers generally bear this new consumption form, the development situation is just right, there is much to be done.
  Qufu Rentai Automated Intelligent Liquor Vending Machine is now attracting investment from all over the country, inviting powerful and insightful business partners and hotel operators to join us to create a brilliant wine e-commerce. We are convinced that the future potential of intelligent vending machines is immeasurable.



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