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  Automatic Intelligent Wine Vending Machine Introduces the Age of Unmanned Wine Vending现在,新的零售店很强大。自去年年底AMAZON推出亚马逊 Go项目以来,该产品无人销售之火迅速升温,国内资本市场,bingo box、F5 future store、Take Go、TAOCAFE淘宝会员店纷纷进入市场。
  Now, the new retail stores are very strong. Since 亚马逊 launched its 亚马逊 Go project at the end of last year, no one has sold the product rapidly. In the domestic capital market, bingo box, F5 future store, Take Go, TAOCAFE Taobao member stores have entered the market.
  In the past two years, China's physical retailers have been shutting down, and the growth of e-commerce traffic has reached its peak. Driven by new technologies such as the Internet of Things, the new type of unmanned retail is becoming a common outlet for offline stores and online e-commerce.
  With the rising rent of offline stores and rising labor costs, wine retailing industry also encounters bottlenecks, inevitably feeling the chill of traditional physical retailing.
  Where is the second spring of beverage retailing? Portuguese Bar, the first smart brewer in China, may give you an answer.
  With mature software and hardware technology, the automatic intelligent wine vending machine has obtained more than ten technical patents. The terminal completely solved the two painful points of traditional wine retail labor and high rent.
  Relative to the asset ratio of offline stores, vending machines have no complex site decoration, no on-duty personnel, and can be put into operation directly after laying, comparable to a 24-hour mini-drink convenience store.
  Standardized mass production equipment can realize fast and large-scale network laying, community, shopping mall, office building, hotel, restaurant, KTV, high-speed railway station and other target places for vending machines.
  The terminal has four floors and 36 aisles, which can hold about 200 bottles of wine and beer.
  In the choice of commodities, the choice of vending machines is mainly the choice of high-grade packaging products for liquor and wine. In order to attract young users who are more willing to try new things, display a small amount of fashionable, personalized energy drinks and small bottles of coffee drinks, drive the sales of drinks, and cultivate the buying habits of self-service terminals.
  Convenient and self-service mobile payment function, only three simple steps of "wine selection, payment, delivery" can complete the purchase. The use of lifts and robotic pick-up technology effectively ensures the safe and rapid delivery of goods. The average delivery time after payment of scanning code is 8 seconds.
  The terminal is equipped with a 32-inch touch screen through which users can buy drinks. At the same time, the screen and body are good advertising carriers and become channels for businesses to promote products.
  App can monitor the running status of the equipment in real time, and can clearly see the sales and inventory of beverages. In addition, users'feedback and tracking data can be collected to grasp the purchase history and preferences of users, so as to guide and improve the follow-up replenishment plan.
  In addition, automatic intelligent vending machine also provides customized service for many winemakers. Unattended, small area, flexible laying, 24-hour business, these are incomparable advantages of traditional retail stores. Intelligent vending machines will help wine manufacturers rapidly expand the wine market, with lower investment costs and higher operational efficiency to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of channels.



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