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  Fully automatic intelligent vending machine is a brand new retail mode of wine industry. "There will be no e-commerce in the future, only new retail," he said. This statement makes many liquor-making businesses feel uncertain about the future.
  From beginning to end, the industry has never stopped questioning the e-commerce of wine. For example, the giants in the industry - Jiuxian Networks, 1919 and other platforms have lost money for many years, but there is still no good profit model. Perhaps "new retail" is the development direction of many e-commerce platforms.
  China is a country that has been completely changed by the Internet. It is a world leader in sharing bicycles and mobile payments. The government has also put forward "public entrepreneurship, national innovation". We are a large, large, and time-race, hardly considering holidays, desperately saburo, natural efficiency, flowers, driverless cars are also several Baidu's powerful excellent enterprises, Tencent, in production, such as Huawei, Shanghai issued no driving license. In the near future, it may be illegal for people to drive a car! In this field, all innovative models in China are at the forefront of the world.
  Advanced technology is the driving force of human progress. New retailing is a tool innovation-driven revolution. China's new retailing revolution has surpassed almost all developed countries. There are 24-hour convenience stores without employees and cash on the streets of Shanghai.
  In 2017, the first year as a new retail, market segmentation and industrial upgrading, many entity retail enterprises innovated and transformed, updated products, logistics and supply chain systems, and used big data to analyze consumers. The introduction of "Internet +" broke the online line, using artificial intelligence to improve sales efficiency and restore the structural format, and at that time, a variety of new retail formats continued. Emergence has attracted many consumers to participate in the experience, but also let many enterprises reap the benefits of strangers. Therefore, the "new retail model" has opened a front end of the era. On this basis, the good wine network intelligent liquor machine industry has become a benchmark in the industry.
  In the past, the traditional alcohol sales model has many distribution levels, low cycle efficiency, lack of quality assurance and other problems, especially wholesalers with high operating costs, high-pressure payment days, high purchasing costs of terminal merchants, poor service experience and other pain points, which seriously restrict the development of the industry.
  Compared with the traditional store sales mode, Rentai automatic intelligent liquor vending machine breaks through the human-computer boundary and perfectly realizes the human-computer interaction experience. By using the Internet of Things technology, the trinity of "consumer + liquor dealer + logistics" has been realized, which has the following characteristics:
  1. 通过物联网技术,企业可以通过互联网系统实时监控机器库存进行补充,并分析消费者购物的细节,进一步优化消费者体验。
  1. Through the Internet of Things technology, enterprises can real-time monitor machine inventory through the Internet system to supplement, and analyze the details of consumer shopping, further optimize consumer experience.
  II. Intelligent temperature control storage can adjust the temperature and humidity of the vending machine according to the actual situation.
  3. The cargo passage can be adjusted, and the width of the cargo passage can be adjusted flexibly according to the size of the bottle body of the beverage.
  4. Lifting platform for liquor extraction. Intelligent liquor vending machine can be combined with operation guide rail and lifting platform to complete the liquor extraction process, and be delivered by conveyor belt to avoid collision of liquor and ensure the safety of liquor.
  5. Take 20 seconds to get wine from the order. Use it quickly and operate smoothly. More than 50 kinds of drinks can be selected.
  At present, the automatic intelligent wine selling machine basically realizes the payment methods of WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay POS. Consumers can buy their own wine by using simple mobile devices.
  Fully automatic intelligent liquor vending machine is a new retail mode of liquor industry. The era needs innovation and technological revolution. Intelligent liquor vending machine with good liquor route network and continuous "new retail" mode uses artificial intelligence and big data, such as Internet of Things technology, to realize the revolution and innovation of alcohol power, which leads to the direction of new retail industry, and to build and promote the ecological sustainable development of the whole industry.



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