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  The vending machine is a new mode of liquor sales. The main front-line wineries put six different brands of original cellar wines into the corresponding wine containers in vending machines and store them in restaurants and hotels. Consumers don't have to buy a whole bottle of liquor when eating in restaurants. According to their favorite liquor brands, if you use a card in the vending machine area, you can keep the quotation of liquor, each time the amount of liquor can be selected independently, at least 50 ml can be selected. This kind of fresh selling method has been accepted by many customers, and has got rid of the traditional way of selling wine.
  由于智能8858cc永利只销售国家一线品牌原窖酿造的酒,因此自动售酒系统能否实现消费者每次按需准确取酒的愿望,已成为智能8858cc永利的关键技术之一。目前,8858cc永利计量系统的原理如图1所示。一种8858cc永利计量系统,具备:通过管路2连接有隔膜泵3液位计1、通过管路2连接有隔膜泵装置4的管路2、通过管路连接有电磁阀5的容器内的酒通过通常的分隔件连接的隔膜泵装置4、电磁阀5 .5、容器内的酒用通常的隔膜泵循环进入涡轮流量计,流量计的传感器线圈产生脉冲信号变换为模拟电流量,进而指示瞬时流量值实现计测的功能。
  As the intelligent vending machine only sells the wine brewed in the original cellar of the national first-line brand, whether the automatic vending system can realize the desire of consumers to take the wine accurately on demand has become one of the key technologies of the intelligent vending machine. At present, the principle of the metering system of the vending machine is shown in Figure 1. The metering system of an automatic liquor vending machine includes: connecting the diaphragm pump 3 level meter 1 through the pipeline 2, connecting the pipeline 2 with the diaphragm pump device 4 through the pipeline 2, connecting the liquor in the container with the solenoid valve 5 through the pipeline through the diaphragm pump device 4 connected by the usual separator, the solenoid valve 5.5, the common diaphragm pump for liquor in the container circulates into the turbine flowmeter, and the sensor coil of the flowmeter. The generated pulse signal is converted into analog current, and then the instantaneous flow value is indicated to realize the function of measurement.
  Disadvantage: In the process of prototype debugging, it is found that the consistency of pulse signals of different flowmeters is poor, which results in that each vending machine needs to be debugged independently, and the debugging workload is large, so it is not suitable for large-scale production. In addition, the calibration characteristics can not be maintained for a long time, and the physical characteristics of the fluid have a great impact on the flow characteristics.
  In addition, the diaphragm metering pump replaces the piston with flexible diaphragm, realizes reciprocating motion under the action of driving mechanism, completes the process of inhalation and discharge. However, the diaphragm is easy to be damaged and the flow repetition accuracy is slightly lower.
  Technological implementation elements:
  The object of the present invention is to provide an intelligent measuring system for an automatic wine vending machine to solve the problems raised in the background technology.
  In order to achieve the above purpose, the invention provides the following technical scheme: an intelligent automatic wine vending machine metering system, including a level meter, a pipeline, a pump pipe, a peristaltic pump device, an electromagnetic valve, a first wine container and a second wine container. One end of the level meter is connected with one end of the pump pipe through a pipeline, and the other end of the pump pipe is connected with one end of the peristaltic pump device through a pipeline. The other end of the peristaltic pump device is connected with one end of the solenoid valve, and the other end of the solenoid valve is connected with the level meter in the second liquor container through a pipeline.
  Preferably, the peristaltic pump device is composed of a pump head, a step motor and a driver. A step motor is installed at one end of the pump head and a driver is installed at one end of the step motor.
  Preferably, the pump head is composed of an upper cover of the pump body, a pump pipe, a roller device and a handle.



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