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  You may all know that when you get together with your friends and drink, you will have dizziness, headache, and the whole person is dizzy and spiritless. These symptoms are the collective name of the head. When you drink good wine on some occasions, you will feel very comfortable. The more you drink, the more you want to drink. And you will get up the next day without dizziness, pain, and very good spirit. This indicates that the previous day's drinking was not enough. Congratulations on the fact that the wine we drank yesterday was not a blend of alcohol. Next, why don't good wine go to the top? Why do alcoholic blends come on top? What is good wine? Why don't smart vending machines serve good wine?
  首先,一款优质的白酒是不添加任何外来物质的(酒精 香精),其次是取决于不同的酿造工艺。全球烈性酒的酿造工艺大致分为两种--开放式纯粮固态发酵与封闭式液态发酵。开放式纯粮固态发酵,顾名思义,是在地上挖坑修建发酵窖池,在开放式的环境中,投入固体形态的粮食糟醅进行发酵。这种工艺在发酵过程中可以充分利用地表散热,使发酵能在相对较低的温度下缓慢进行,从而降低醛类含量的产生。智能售酒机同时,土地及空气里面的大量不同种类的微生物会参与到发酵过程中,使得发酵微生物非常丰富,相互协调平衡。现在的知名优质白酒均采用这种酿造工艺。而优质白酒即使过量也不上头的根本原因--也就是大家所说的"好酒不上头"。
  First of all, a high quality liquor is not added any foreign substances (alcohol flavor), followed by different brewing technology. There are two kinds of brewing techniques for global spirits: open solid-state fermentation and closed liquid-state fermentation. Open solid-state fermentation of pure grain, as its name implies, is to dig pits on the ground to build fermentation pits, in an open environment, put solid grains for fermentation. This process can make full use of the surface heat dissipation during the fermentation process, so that the fermentation can proceed slowly at a relatively low temperature, thereby reducing the production of aldehydes. At the same time, a large number of different kinds of microorganisms in the land and air will participate in the fermentation process, making the fermentation microorganisms very rich, coordinated and balanced. Nowadays, the well-known high-quality liquor is brewed with this technology. And the basic reason why high-quality liquor does not go up even if it is excessive - that is, what we call "good liquor does not go up".
  ? 智能售酒机为何酒精勾兑的酒喝了上头?(还会得疾病)目前市场上70%的低价酒(60元一斤以内)的都是酒精和香精勾兑的酒精酒,只是很多人不知道喝了酒精勾兑的酒给自己和家人带来的伤害(不知道自己买的是酒精勾兑的酒),其实长期喝酒精勾兑的酒,会给身体带来很多疾病(心肌病、肝病等病症。)是因为酒精勾兑过的酒,喝了后,进入人体的酒精约10%不发生任何变化经由呼吸道、尿液和汗液直接排出体外,其余90%酒精经肝、脏代谢,酒精的主要成分乙醇,这样乙醇就会随血液循环,造成心律失常、血压升高、脑部充血,出现头晕、头痛的现象。久遇智能售酒机何为好酒?久遇智能售酒机由此可以得出结论,好酒必须有4个必备条件:
  Why did the Smart Vending Machine drink alcohol? At present, 70% of the low price liquor in the market (less than 60 yuan per kilogram) is alcoholic liquor blended with alcohol and essence. Only a lot of people do not know if the alcohol blended with alcohol has hurt themselves and their family members. ). The reason is that after drinking alcohol, about 10% of the alcohol entering the human body does not change and is directly discharged through the respiratory tract, urine and sweat. The remaining 90% alcohol is metabolized through the liver and viscera. The main component of alcohol is ethanol, which will cause arrhythmia, high blood pressure, brain congestion, dizziness and headache along with blood circulation. What is a good wine when you meet the intelligent vending machine for a long time? From this, we can conclude that good wine must have four prerequisites:
  1、不添加任何外来物质(酒精 香精 香料等)。
  1, do not add any foreign substances (such as alcohol, flavor, spice, etc.).
  2、必须是纯高粱 小麦酿造(反季节的高粱和小麦也不行)。
  2. Must be pure sorghum wheat brewing (off-season sorghum and wheat are not).
  3、必须是传统酿造工艺 即纯粮固态发酵。
  3. It must be solid-state fermentation of pure grain, which is a traditional brewing technology.
  4. The display time must be long (more than 3 years).



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