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  Automation and Intelligence of Wine Vending Machine Characteristics:
  1. On-demand consumption: convenient consumption, one or two sales;2.选择多样:出酒孔多,不会串味;
  2. Various choices: many wine holes, not cross-flavor;3.俭省人工:自助售酒,俭省人力;
  3. Labor saving: self-service wine sales, labor saving;4.质量保证:源头保证,根绝假酒;
  4. Quality assurance: source assurance, eliminate counterfeit liquor;5.性价比高:名酒直供,俭省费用。
  5. High performance-price ratio: direct supply of famous liquor, cost-saving.
  Automated Intelligent Vending Machine Consumption Process:
  Users place orders under the APP, use account (WeChat, Alipay) to pay for wine, to the offline intelligent sale of wine terminal, in "my wine cabinet" enter the account password directly take wine. Or give it to someone else: get the wine code, and go to the off-line intelligent terminal to input the wine code in the "Quick Wine" to get the wine.
  Advantages of automated and intelligent vending machines:
  1. Intelligent liquor terminal separates Internet from offline business opportunity, completely overthrows the traditional consumption and sales methods of Chinese liquor, and completes the new wholesale form of blending online and offline resources.
  2. Supporting the flexible payment methods such as Wechat Payment, Online Payment, UnionPay, Prepaid Storage Value Card Payment and so on, which greatly reduces the human capital of the operation link and completes the open and transparent accounting.
  3. The whole process of anti-counterfeiting of RFID tags, build a whole supply chain management system and logistics tracking system from purchasing to sales, from distilleries to physical stores.
  4. Establishing a new customer relationship platform really achieves precise marketing. Background data can clearly show customers'preference for drinking, detailed annual consumption of alcohol, stop product and activity recommendation according to personal preferences, and build a new customer relationship.
  Through the introduction above, we can see that the automated and intelligent liquor vending machine has rewritten the wholesale form of liquor, and also let consumers buy various kinds of liquor with low price and good quality under the condition of self-help. However, the vending machine can not avoid the purchase of minors, because the vending machine is stopped by swiping a bank card, that is to say, the machine can only identify the card, but not the person. And how to guard against theft and other security technical problems still need to be broken. This is also the direction of future vending machines from time to time.
  At present, the domestic catering industry has a market area of 360 billion yuan. In 2016, the sales of alcohol industry are in a trillion yuan range, of which the catering terminal accounts for 60% - 70%.
  餐饮业O2O市场开展迅猛,成为餐饮市场耀目的新亮点。整体市场范围达1400亿元,比去年年增长48%,足够大的市场范围,受众人群,餐饮终端是酒业酒类销售的主要战场,市场范围绝后强大,餐饮终端需求酒类销售来提升利润品牌价值根深蒂固、有宏大的影响力,认可度高The fast development of catering industry's O2 O market has become the most dazzling new bright spot in catering market. The overall market scope is 140 billion yuan, an increase of 48% over last year. The market scope is large enough. The catering terminal is the main battlefield for liquor sales in the liquor industry. The market scope is absolutely strong. The catering terminal needs liquor sales to enhance the brand value of profits, which is deep-rooted, influential and highly recognized.



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