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  The automatic intelligent liquor vending machine has built-in special barrel for food grade. When you take wine, you can put in coins, you can swipe your cards, or you can pay for WeChat and Alipay. At least one milliliter of wine can be produced at a single time, and the quantity of wine produced and the price of wine sold can be adjusted by itself. The vending machine does not need manual work and storefront, eliminates the intermediary agents and distributors, and realizes that the manufacturer is directly facing the end-users. Such a sales model has many advantages: for ordinary end-users, not only the quality of the wine is good, but also the price is low, and it is convenient, so it is not necessary to buy a bottle of wine when making wine.
  The automatic intelligent liquor vending machine is specially designed for the sale of bulk liquor. The unmanned automatic liquor vending machine includes the main cabinet, the liquor storage tank, the liquor storage tank is placed inside the main cabinet, the liquor extraction pipe of the liquor storage tank is equipped with a liquor pump, and the liquor extraction pump is electrically connected with the control panel of the liquor output. By pressing the dynamic flow control button and the unmanned vending machine, the required liquor volume can be obtained. The operation is simple, the liquor output is accurate, and the flow rate of the liquor output is stable.
  Automated Intelligent Wine Vending Machine Advantages:
  1. Intelligent liquor terminal combines Internet with off-line business opportunities, completely subverts the traditional consumption and sales mode of Chinese liquor, and achieves the business mode of integration of online and off-line resources.
  2. Supporting the flexible payment methods such as Wechat Payment, Online Payment, Bank I Union Card Payment, Prepaid Storage Value Card Payment and so on, which greatly reduces the human cost of the operation link and achieves the openness and transparency of the accounts.
  3. Establishing a new customer relationship platform really achieves accurate marketing. Background data can clearly show customers'preference for drinking, the specific amount of alcohol consumed annually, recommend products and activities according to personal preferences, and build a new customer relationship.
  “自动智能售酒机”就是指在手机下单,然后在自动贩卖机上取酒,这种创新的经营模式使得白酒开发了一个新的领域,更加快捷的运用了互联网。据悉,这种白酒新营销在许多酒楼都有使用。 通过智能终端散装销售形式展开白酒新营销,这种售酒模式尚属全国首创。由于省去了包装、批发的中间环节,相当于直接从酒厂买酒,售酒机价格更具优势,因此,有业内人士称,这是利用互联网技术创新了白酒销售消费模式,或将开启白酒营销新纪元。
  "Automated Intelligent Wine Vending Machine" means to place orders on mobile phones and then take wine from the vending machine. This innovative business model makes liquor develop a new field and use the Internet more quickly. It is reported that this new marketing of liquor has been used in many restaurants. The new liquor marketing is carried out through the bulk sales of intelligent terminals, which is the first liquor selling mode in China. Because the intermediate links of packaging and wholesale are omitted, which is equivalent to buying liquor directly from the distillery, the price of liquor vending machine is more advantageous. Therefore, some people in the industry say that this is the use of Internet technology to innovate liquor sales and consumption mode, or will open a new era of liquor marketing.



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