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  Qufu Rentai Container Packaging Co., Ltd. has developed a series of liquor storage equipment products based on traditional handicraft processing, such as stainless steel inner liner wooden barrel, wooden high-grade liquor wooden barrel, bulk liquor wooden barrel, horse-drawn car antique wooden barrel, original eco-barrel, liquor, wooden liquor, sea and so on. Class solid wood packaging as one of the comprehensive enterprises. The stainless steel inner liner solid wood barrel produced by Rentai Company is the first patent product in China. The solid wood barrel is not only practical, but also has collection and ornamental value. It can be customized according to the requirements of the manufacturer. It is the preferred product for high-grade packaging of liquor and wine.
  Intelligent operation has been realized in both front and back of the vending machine. When the liquor in the vending machine is less than 3 kg, the system will automatically alarm, and the vending machine prohibits the sale of liquor to minors. Vending machine liquor, yellow wine, beer, etc., can be used in communities, hotels, restaurants, night markets and other places, and can set their own temperature, there are three kinds of room temperature, refrigeration, heating. When using vending machine, first prepare the container to receive wine, and then sweep the code to pay for the wine, convenient and fast.
  Intelligent operation is realized in both front-end and back-end.
  Performance of vending machine
  1. The vending machine mainly sells middle and low-end series of wines. The price of liquor varies from 70 yuan/500 ml to 200 yuan/500 ml. It meets the needs of the masses of consumers. The vending machine will appear mainly through the market. At first, it will be piloted in 50 to 100 markets. Later, it is expected to lay out restaurants in Chengdu to support the gathering and consumption of ordinary families and friends.
  2. Because the liquor in the vending machine is supplied directly by the enterprise, it reduces the intermediate links and packaging, and the corresponding price in the retail terminal will be more favorable. This is the trend of Internet development and consumption upgrading. Consumers prefer simple, convenient and capricious consumption mode. For ordinary liquor consumers, vending machines provide more choices.
  3. The vending machine conforms to the development trend of intelligent life, and more in line with people's living habits.
  When the liquor in the vending machine is less than 3 kg, the system will automatically alarm, and the vending machine prohibits the sale of liquor to minors.
  Advantages of the Vending Machine
  1. The vending machine adopts the mode of no-person selling, and uses APP to scan the code to pay. Intelligent management is easy enough.
  2. The investment is small and the risk is small. Two people can start their own business. The operation mode is simple and easy to operate. It also makes vending machines more competitive.
  3. It provides suitable drinks and services and 24-hour business hours. For the data processing of sales situation, the customer group covers a wide range. Drinks are sold all the year round, harvesting more and earning more.
  4. With only one mobile phone, you can easily buy all kinds of brands of liquor, which greatly facilitates the lives of consumers.



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