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  You know what? Stainless steel solid wood barrel is elegant and delicate, beautiful and compact, easy to carry, suitable for storage of various alcoholic products, it can also be used for promotional activities of companies, enterprises and institutions, can also be used as business gifts and festival gifts pot body made of stainless steel, ergonomic curve design, fashionable and beautiful, atmospheric practical, suddenly showing the user's generosity. Stainless steel wine container is practical, beautiful and fashionable. Half a kilo at a time, enjoy yourself.
  First of all, the main body is stainless steel material. Sometimes, it will stick dermis, reconstructed leather, natural wood, fiber fabrics on the surface, or process such as polishing, grinding surface, gold plating, embossing pattern, embossing pattern, etc. to make the whole wine container look more beautiful. The leather material on the non-permissible device is usually cowhide and sheepskin. There are many choices in color. At the same time, snakeskin, leopard print, crocodile skin and other patterns can be made. The fabric of the fiber is mainly monochrome, or some plaid cloth and camouflage cloth are used. As for style, the square shape is the most classic style of stainless steel wine containers.
  Secondly, the market today also has round, heart-shaped, bulb-shaped, ancient wine altar shape and other personalized design shapes. However, if distinguished from the general categories, containers can be roughly divided into four categories: wide, narrow, round and square. In addition, stainless steel solid wood barrels are manually, mechanically, semi-manually and semi-mechanically manufactured, but the factors affecting the price are the production process, not necessarily the most expensive hand-made wine containers.
  Finally, not many people use this kind of wine container, probably because of the different living habits between Chinese and foreigners. After all, Chinese people drink their wine at the dinner table, and nobody will walk around with a stainless steel wine container. We found that although this stainless steel wine container is an imported product, the number of people starting to use it is increasing, especially young people. Because of its convenience and sanitation, it is commonly used in outdoor sports, camping and tourism.
  Solid wood barrels are popular with people because of their good performance and use efficiency, so there are various kinds of wooden barrels on the market. As a result, people do not know how to choose them. In order to enable you to choose high-quality products and facilities, our company technicians specially summarized five skills for you to choose and purchase, hoping to be helpful for your use.
  Selection and Purchasing Skills of High Quality Wooden Wine Barrels
  Tip 1: Choose the brand you want first
  Because the production process of the equipment is more complicated than the usual barrel, it is better for winery manufacturers and Tibetan wine enthusiasts to choose a brand with high brand awareness when choosing wooden barrels. In this way, even if problems are found, retailers can be found for refund, exchange and repair. But if winery manufacturers and Tibetan wine enthusiasts choose a barrel of miscellaneous brand or no brand, later in the industry. If problems are found in use, it is very likely that no business can be found to compensate at all.
  Tip 2: Look at the wood they make.
  At present, the tree species used for making are mainly oak, Korean pine and miscellaneous wood. Among these three kinds of trees, oak wine barrel is the best, but the price is also the most expensive, ranging from 1,000 yuan to several thousand yuan (if someone quotes a few hundred yuan as oak barrel, you should pay attention). This is mainly because oak is not only hard, tough, dense, but also less knot and even color. Pinus koraiensis belongs to the more precious wood, which is hard, dense, fine and beautiful in texture, and the price is not very expensive, about half cheaper than oak barrel, which is more suitable for public consumption; miscellaneous wood is a messy wood corner, the cheapest price, but the quality is not very good, easy to crack and deform, so winery manufacturers And Tibetan wine enthusiasts had better not choose wooden barrels made of miscellaneous wood, although the price is cheap, but they will be damaged within a few days, even if you buy tens of dollars is a waste.
  Skills 3: Pay attention to the manufacturer
  In addition to the tree species used, but also depends on the manufacturers of wooden wine barrels, in general, try to choose a larger manufacturer. If you order in batches, try to go to the factory to inspect, look at the workshop, production process, production capacity, number of workers, etc. If it is a small workshop opened by two people in their own home, it is better not to choose to place an order.
  Tip 4: Observe its design patent certificate
  High-quality manufacturers have design patent certificates (products without design patent certificates may be infringed on production, bad luck may also eat a lawsuit). The boards and boards of wooden wine barrels are closely joined, smooth, delicate, and the best paint used is non-pungent odor, brilliant, smooth, non-fading and unchanged color. It's not easy to scratch. If the opposite is true, it's better not to buy.
  Tip 5: Look at the after-sales service of the manufacturer
  Because the equipment must pass through strict quality control to produce beautiful, generous and durable wooden barrels, this process needs the support of human and material resources, some small workshops will omit the hidden dangers in some links. So they have ghosts in mind. The simple way is to ask them how long they can keep you after sales. If the manufacturer can't guarantee for 3 months, you'd better not choose.



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