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  At present, most of the bulk liquor distributors in the market use wooden barrels to bulk liquor, and wooden barrels are also rapidly popular in the national bulk liquor market. What are the functions of wooden barrel bulk liquor, and what are its specific advantages? Many people can't say that. Now let the technicians of Rentai liquor container talk about its function in storing bulk liquor from three forms of equipment.
  First of all, oak barrel liquor storage is purely a "pioneer" of the Chinese people, it is even more ridiculous, because only red wine and oak together, is the normal mix, in order to complement each other. Others can not, and some people put liquor in oak barrels. This kind of practice is a waste of liquor, so that the essence of liquor can be integrated into the ingredients and flavor of oak, resulting in liquor not liquor, flavor and color change. What is more ignorant is that it also promotes the benefits of liquor in oak barrels, making people laugh. Pure oak barrels must be without inner gallbladder, wax or paint. Original color, original taste. Red wine in oak barrels is a real fish in water. Only then can people taste the true charm of red wine and oak barrels.
  Secondly, the wooden wine barrel made of Korean pine is also a kind of wooden wine barrel widely recognized in the world. The wooden wine barrel made of Korean pine emits a flavor of rosin. It must have sterile inner liner for liquid food. Liquor does not contact pine directly. The thickness of pine is over 2.0CM. Isolation and external temperature, so that the barrel inside the formation of a vacuum, to achieve a constant temperature and humidity environment, like the environment of the underground wine kiln. In this way, liquor is fermented and aged in a barrel. Make liquor more mellow and heavy.
  Finally, the overall quality and service life of the wooden wine barrel made of miscellaneous wood (Paulownia, Poplar, etc.) can not reach the quality of pine wood. The overall weight of the barrel is light, and the effect of liquor storage is greatly discounted. Because the density of miscellaneous wood is small, the effect of heat insulation, cold insulation and heat preservation is poor, the liquor temperature changes quickly, which affects the taste of liquor.
  There are many doors in the barrel. It takes more than 20 processes to make a qualified product from raw material to barrel. The production cycle is long and the cost is relatively high. But in terms of long-term investment, it is worth it. With the increasing use of bulk barrels, it will also become a trend. Before purchasing, be sure to polish your eyes, consult clearly, and don't buy unusable barrels or unusable barrels at a temporary low price.
  Solid wood barrels have always been an important tool for storing and transporting alcoholic products, and their manufacturing technology has hardly changed for hundreds of years. Their appearance is always big belly. Why?
  1. Round-bellied barrels are more convenient to transport. Oak barrels filled with wine are very heavy. The barrels with bulging bellies roll relatively easily on the ground.
  2. The direction control in the course of transportation, cylindrical equipment is convenient for transportation, bulging belly is more conducive to people in rolling control direction, bulging and the contact area with the ground is greatly reduced, rolling direction control is very convenient.
  3. Easy to store, can be stored in rows in cellars, easy to store. As wine ages, it will give more flavor to the wine.
  4. It's easy to hoop barrels when making. Often, hoop makers make oak barrels from top-grade white oak, because white wood has good elasticity and is easier to hoop round-bellied barrels. Oak fibers are more flexible after wet heat treatment and can bend to a proper degree. At this point, the barrel builders will use metal hoops to tighten them.
  Benefits of storing wine in solid wooden barrels:
  It can better melt the aroma of wood into wine, and have an important impact on the structure of wine. Yeast in barrel changes the reaction between wine and wood, and plays a role in balancing fruit aroma and wood aroma. The barrel oxidizes and polymerizes the Polyphenol Substances of wine, especially the hard tannin constituents. Slow oxidation can change the properties of wine, and it can promote the precipitation of insoluble substances and make wine soft. Equilibrium, enhance wine color and stability.
  It can make red wine leach aromatic substances and tannins from oak, increase the complexity of red wine aroma, especially vanilla aroma. The most important components of oak lignin are vanillin, butyl vanillin, guaiacol and derivatives. After cultivation, these substances are higher than white red wine, and enhance the hierarchical texture and richness of red wine.
  Good wine needs to be brewed, and the key to making wine is to select high quality solid wood barrels. It combines the substances in solid wood with those in wine organically during wine aging, giving people a mellow feeling when tasting.



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