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  Now let me introduce the advantages of the vending machine. This is a product that can save labor, store, packing, transportation and zero cost. The fuselage features are as follows: 1. The fuselage adopts 1.5mm sprayed galvanized sheet with no paint dropping for 7-10 years; 2. The appearance of the machine is beautiful and generous, which attracts the attention of residents; 3. The outlet adopts 304 mirror stainless steel; 4. Advertising lamp timing switch, insulation device temperature switch; 5. The glass is tempered. Glass material, anti destruction coefficient greatly increased; 6, microcomputer control of large motherboard, powerful, complete and stable performance; 7, WeChat Alipay Coin Card multi function payment 8, professional rain guide design, waterproof and rain proof; 9, good sealing, with professional insulation cotton, so that the machine can run normally at low temperature.
  Generally invested in the community or school, convenient for consumers, low prices, consumers are more acceptable! Our company is an independent design, production, research and development, sales and integration of enterprises.
  It is well known that bottled wine is the most widely sold in streets and alleys. Various bottled wines are dazzling, and the price of each bottle varies. What does bottled wine bring to our life?
  While we buy wine, we buy its accessories - bottles, which are not expensive, but also increase the cost of our drinking.
  In order to make more money, some wineries make a lot of fuss on the bottle. The bottle is very thick, and the place where it should not be concave is concave. It is called beautiful. More importantly, let our consumers spend more money and buy less wine.
  The utility model relates to a bulk liquor vending machine, which comprises a main cabinet body and a liquor storage tank. The liquor storage tank is placed inside the main cabinet body, the liquor extraction pipe of the liquor storage tank is provided with a liquor pump, and the liquor extraction pump is electrically connected with the control panel of the liquor output. By controlling the button according to the momentum flow rate, the required liquor volume can be obtained. The operation is simple, the liquor output is accurate and the flow rate of liquor output is stable. Or can arbitrarily set the output of each wine outlet, through the IC card to control the output of the vending machine (similar to the function of the tanker).
  Vending machines can sell liquids, such as drinks, drinks, practical oils and so on. It saves the production cost of the manufacturer, can better promote their own products, residents can spend less money to buy more products. Why don't we enjoy the best of both worlds?



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