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  In today's society, vending machines can be seen everywhere. What are the elements of vending machines? Let's analyze the following:
  特色一:群流量密集区 比方:步行街
  Feature 1: Flow-intensive areas, for example: Pedestrian Street
  Where is the best place to put the vending machine? For example, pedestrian streets, parking lots, railway stations, squares, hotels, beach shopping malls and so on can shelve the vending machines, and vending mineral water, carbonated beverages, tea, coffee, chewing gum cigarettes outside the vending machines are the best choice for vending machines.
  特色二:群驻足等待区 比方:车站
  Characteristic 2: The analogy of group stop waiting area: station
  Another good spot for vending machines is the station. People may have some interest in vending machines while waiting or staying at the station, which also attracts a wave of consumers.
  What other waiting areas are available?
  美容院理发店, 汽车维修、公共汽车站、火车站、飞机场、这些地域搁置自售货性能增长8858cc永利的收益。公开场合椅邻近,休息区,抽烟区等都能搁置自动售货机。
  Hairdressers, hairdressers, car maintenance, bus stations, railway stations, airports, these areas shelve self-selling performance to increase the revenue of vending machines. The vending machines can be shelved in public places such as adjacent chairs, rest areas and smoking areas.
  特色三:群购置刚需区 比方:高速服务站
  Feature 3: Group Purchase of Just-in-Demand Areas: High-Speed Service Station
  8858cc永利投放地位必需是那些能够停顿的处所, 好比外出旅行的时刻必要停靠或许必需停顿在高速服务站,已补充能量。那末这些服务区就能投放8858cc永利,外面能够摆放一些罕见饮料或许食物。或许也能够摆放在野营区,加油站, 停车等。
  The vending machine must be put in a position where it can stop, just as it must stop at a high-speed service station when it is traveling, to replenish its energy. Then these service areas can put on the vending machine, outside can put some rare drinks or food. Maybe they can also be placed in camping areas, gas stations, parking, etc.



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