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Fully automatic brewing equipment manufacturers give you a brief introduction of what the new brewing equipment should do before it is used: with the wide spread of brewing technology, many people put the policy on brewing equipment when they start their business, but for liquor.
It belongs to the food range and has a direct relationship with human health. Therefore, before brewing, it is necessary to completely disinfect the brewing equipment, so that bacteria can be controlled in a certain range, so that the produced liquor has a better hygienic taste. Now let's get to know what the new brewing equipment should do before it is put into use.
1. The brewing equipment should be disinfected before the installation: before the installation, the brewing equipment must be completely cleaned and disinfected with clean water to ensure the safety of the brewing process.
2. The brewing equipment needs to be sterilized again by steam before it is used: the first disinfection before the equipment is far from enough, and we need to do a disinfection operation before using the equipment. This time, we use steam to sterilize and disinfect. The specific method is to add water to the boiler to the highest water level and burn fire. Boilers, barrels and coolers are connected by steam pipes. After about half an hour of boiling water, the fire is extinguished and the steam disinfection operation is completed.
3. Watch the water level of the steam cabinet at any time during the process of steaming: before steaming, the water in the steam cabinet should be added to the highest water level, and check whether the water in the water level pipe is below the lowest water level at any time during the process of distillation. If it is found that the water level is near the lowest water level, the firepower should be reduced and water should be added to the furnace in time.
4. Steam cabinet to prevent anhydrous air burning: Sometimes carelessly, the water of the steam cabinet has been burned out, which will present the situation of anhydrous air burning, which is not only a great loss of equipment, but also may cause fire. Therefore, we must pay attention to this point.
5. After steaming, the drainage and drainage equipment must be cleaned: a good habit should be formed: every time after steaming, the drainage and drainage equipment must be cleaned in time to avoid blocking the equipment.
Not conducive to the next use. The production process of liquor-making equipment is closely related to the food safety of liquor, so sterilization and disinfection is very important. In addition, this operation will also make people feel more at ease and at ease when drinking.
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