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Wine-making equipment manufacturers point out that liquor is brewed from grain and can be made from rice, millet, sorghum and other materials, regardless of which grain is used to remove impurities.
To make the work more smoothly is a very important process, and the other is in the brewing of grain fullness will also have certain requirements, which determines the amount of wine, which is also the reason why brewers buy food harshly. So how to deal with the material in liquor brewing?
Whether brewing wine or distilled wine, as well as their derivatives, the main materials used in liquor making are sugar or starch.
In order to make full use of materials, improve saccharification ability and liquor yield, and form a unique liquor style, liquor-making materials must be treated by a series of specific processes, including the selection and mixing of materials and the change of their state. The control of environmental factors is also a key link.
Sugar material is mainly raw fruit. Material treatment mainly includes selecting varieties according to the characteristics of wine, picking and classification, removing rotten fruit and impurities, crushing fruit, extracting juice and removing stalks, clarifying antioxidant, sterilizing and so on.
Starch materials are mainly malt, rice, potato and miscellaneous grains. The double fermentation method is used to carry out saccharification, fermentation or saccharification at the same time. Different kinds of materials and fermentation methods, the process and process of material treatment are also different.
Wine koji is widely used in China. The basic processes and procedures of its material treatment are fine grinding or crushing, moistening (soaking rice), cooking (steaming rice), cooling (sprinkling water cooling), turning over materials, fermentation in vats or cellars, etc.
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