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Generally speaking, the supporting equipment of brewing equipment includes motor, electric actuator, instrument, instrument and other accessories. Their quality also directly affects the performance of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important for Breweries to check and repair them regularly. How should we maintain and protect them?
Maintenance of chassis: In addition to checking regularly whether there is severe wear and tear in the chassis and intake chamber, and eliminating severe dust accumulation, these parts can not be maintained in other special ways. Check regularly whether all fastening bolts are tightened. For fans with tightening bolts, the butterfly spring on the sole is tightened to the device height specified in the drawings.
(2) Fan protection: the use of the environment should always adhere to neatness, the surface of the fan should adhere to cleanliness, and there should be no impurities in the inlet and outlet. Regular elimination of dust and other impurities in the fan and pipe. Only when the fan is in full positive gear can it be operated. Together, we should insist on sufficient capacity of power supply equipment, stable voltage and prohibit phase-out operation. Power supply lines need special lines instead of temporary lines for a long time.
(3) Replacement of lubricating grease in time: Bearings should be supplemented or replaced periodically according to the use of environmental conditions. In order to ensure excellent lubrication of fans in the operation process, refueling times should not be less than 1000 hours per time. Bearings and motor bearings should be closed, and ZL-3 lithium-based lubricating grease should be used to fill 2/3 of the inner and outer rings of bearings. Oil shortage is prohibited.
In addition, when the auxiliary equipment of brewing equipment is idle, it should be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from dampness. Storage in the open air should be rainproof. In the process of storage and handling, the collision of spare parts should be prevented to avoid the damage of equipment.
The above is about the protection and maintenance skills of the various supporting equipment of brewing equipment. Do you understand it? If you don't understand, you can contact us at any time.
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