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Compared with other sales methods, the automatic liquor vending machine reduces the labor cost of many stores when using the equipment to sell liquor. At present, because it is used less, it will be simpler in operation and other aspects. Do you know how to make the vending machine more power efficient? The following section will explain it to you.
1. If there are not many things to keep, you can place a slightly large saline drink bottle in the automatic wine vending machine to balance the temperature difference inside the cabinet, reduce the number of times the compressor is switched on and off, and extend the service life of the compressor.
2. The condenser of the automatic liquor vending machine is generally under the steel plate of the cabinet. The cabinet should be placed in a well ventilated place. The dust outside the cabinet should be wiped in time to improve the condensation effect of the condenser, so as to improve the refrigeration effect and save electricity. After the refrigerator and fresh-keeping box are used for a long time, the inner liner of the automatic wine vending machine is easy to frost, and the refrigerator is often defrosted (about 7 days) to improve the freezing effect.
3. The fin type condenser of the automatic wine vending machine is cleaned with a brush every other month to improve the heat dissipation effect.
4. When the automatic liquor vending machine is open, do not directly blow the fan and air conditioner. Night should be closed during non business hours.
The temperature inside the refrigeration vending machine can be set by the operator according to local weather, freezer inventory and other factors. Although these vending machines all have complete refrigeration systems and heat insulation materials are used for heat preservation, there is still a certain amount of heat conduction. The temperature inside the vending machine aisle will fluctuate sometimes. When the threshold value is reached, the chiller will stop working. If the value is higher than the preset value of the business, the chiller will perform refrigeration and generate a large amount of heat energy.
These heat energy will be transmitted to the outside through the air, so the vending machine should be placed in a cool, well ventilated place. After working for a long time, ice will form inside the freezer, and the fan blades of the refrigerator will absorb a lot of dust. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning of the freezer and removal of dust on the fan blades of the refrigerator can improve the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator, reduce the power consumption and reduce the operating cost.
How to make the automatic wine vending machine more power saving? The above is the relevant answer to the question. You can use it as a reference. More relevant content will come to our website Consult!



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