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The fully automatic stubble cooler has short working time, saves resources, automatically adds and unloads materials, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and also eliminates the phenomenon of grain waste. Here is how to maintain the automatic stubble cooler after use.
1. Maintenance after shift operation: After the operation of the automatic stubble cooler is completed each shift, the residual materials on the automatic stubble cooler shall be cleaned to avoid equipment rust, and then the hood shall be opened to remove the weeds on each part.
2. Maintenance after one week of operation: since the small automatic stubble cooler should be filled with grease after one week of operation, and other smooth points should be checked and supplemented. Check the wear condition of the equipment belt. If the wear is serious, replace it in time.
3. Maintenance after quarterly operation: After the quarterly operation is completed, not only do you need to clean all the automatic stubble cooler, but also loosen the V-belt. After the bearing at each operating position is checked and replaced, add enough grease.
The parts in contact with grain are made of good stainless steel. When in use, the wine stubble passes on the conveyor belt, and the fan works while breaking and stirring to quickly cool down. The cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with the starter in the blanking device. The fully automatic stubble cooler improves the cooling effect, reduces the power consumption, solves the self accumulation blockage of existing equipment, and realizes the automatic mixing of wine stubble and distiller's yeast.
Before installation, complicated preparations such as digging pits, building walls and arranging sewage pipes are required. The full automatic stubble cooler is used, and the stubble leaked from the mesh belt of the stubble cooler directly falls into the stainless steel box designed by this machine. After cleaning, it is completely used in the pool, which is simple and convenient to clean up and eliminates waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, the workshop floor does not need any preparation.
How to maintain the automatic stubble cooler after use? The above has been answered for you. You can take a look at it as a reference and come to our website for more precautions Ask and understand!



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