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How to identify the quality of solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner? What should I pay more attention to when using? If you want to use this product successfully, you should fully understand the contents of this series. Here are some answers.
Quality Identification of Solid Wood Drums
The common materials in solid wood barrel are natural wood and artificial board. In nature, there are many kinds of wood that can be used to make wine barrels. However, due to the different environments, soils and geographical locations where various kinds of wood grow, their texture, texture, water absorption, etc. are quite different.
The quality of solid wood casks is closely related to drying treatment and storage conditions. In the production process of solid wood casks, the requirements for wood drying and air drying technologies and indicators are relatively high. In the selection of solid wood barrels, attention should be paid to whether there is cracking or deformation.
There are two standards for the wood moisture content of normal solid wood barrels. Generally, the moisture content of oven dried wood is 4-12%, and that of air dried wood is 15%. Only wood meeting this standard can produce solid wood wine barrels with good quality.
Notes on the use of solid wood barrel
The wood used for solid wood barrel is drying wood. It is forbidden to soak in water. The towel should not be too wet when wiping. The thickness of the wood is about 2cm. If the sign is nailed on the solid wood barrel, the length of the nail used should not exceed 1cm to prevent the iron nail or the protruding wood stubble from piercing the liner.
At high temperature in summer, the added liquor or liquid should not be too full to prevent overflow of liquor or other liquids due to heat expansion. If there is leakage at the faucet interface, drain the liquor or other liquids first, check the plastic interface, and if there is no crack, re wind the faucet with the raw material tape and tighten it.
If any liquor or other liquid accidentally enters the small air hole beside the wine filling port, please wipe it up in time. The liquor or other liquid entering the bottom of the barrel will seep out along the bottom of the solid wood barrel. Clean it up in time to avoid long-term immersion until it is dry.
If the barrel needs to be cleaned during use, do not use any cleaning agent. Just soak it in Baijiu with a temperature of more than 50 degrees and 30% water for 3 days to achieve the purpose of cleaning. For more information, please visit our website Look!



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