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The full-automatic stubble drying machine is suitable for family workshops, small wineries, medium-sized wineries, large wineries, and agritainments. The machine can be equipped with two-phase power or three-phase power. The machine is characterized by simple operation, low noise, portability, rapidity and speed. Some people say that the use of full-automatic stubble drying machine greatly shortens the working time. In fact, this is reasonable. Let's learn about it.
The fully automatic stubble drying machine is easy to operate. Fermented grains are required for brewing. In order to ensure the quality of brewing and increase the volume of alcohol, loose distillers' grains are required in the process of steaming. However, the distillers' grains themselves are sticky and difficult to disperse. Hot distillers' grains are easy to bond into clusters. In order to make the distillers' grains loose, stubble lifting machines are generally used to break them up and lift them out.
The full-automatic stubble cooler manufacturer can support customization without parameter specifications. Compared with the original stubble cooler, the full-automatic stubble cooler is developed on the basis of the original stubble cooler. The difference in working time is that the original stubble cooler takes 40-50 minutes to cool stubble, and the upgraded full-automatic stubble cooler only takes about 20 minutes, which greatly shortens the time, improves the efficiency and shortens the working time, Whether it is used by enterprises or individuals, it can effectively improve the operation time of the whole equipment, so that the workload produced by fixed time content can be effectively increased.
In addition, the full-automatic stubble drying machine reduces the time, and the whole machine has small power, short working time, energy saving, and better efficiency compared with cool stubble. In the process of stubble cooling, about 3% of the stubble falls into the underground air duct from the Bizi hole, which cannot be recovered, resulting in direct waste of raw materials. Before installation, tedious preparations such as digging pits, building walls and arranging sewage pipes are required.
If a full-automatic stubble cooling machine is used, the stubble leaked from the stubble cooling net belt will directly fall into the stainless steel box designed by the machine. After cleaning, it will be fully used in the pool, which is easy to clean and eliminates waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, the workshop floor does not need any preparation. It can also be used as needed.
The explanation of the statement that the use of the full-automatic stubble drying machine greatly reduces the working time is finished. If you have any doubts about this, welcome to our website Consult and understand.



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