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Because the stainless steel solid wood wine barrel is made of stainless steel, it has stronger corrosion resistance and sealing performance than ordinary storage tanks, and can effectively prevent dirt from entering the tank. Stainless steel has a very significant advantage that it does not need to be cleaned frequently. It is widely used in the wine industry, pharmaceutical industry, dairy products, condiments, beverages, chemicals and other fields. In places like distilleries, more solid wood wine barrels with stainless steel liners are used. Therefore, the safety protection of solid wood wine barrels with stainless steel liners is particularly important.
In the process of using the solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner, in addition to doing a good job in sealing the stored substances to avoid being polluted by external substances, we also need to ensure that the sealed substances inside will not be high-temperature or carbonized, which requires us to do a good job in thermal insulation measures. Especially in winter, the solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner should also be protected from cold and heat to avoid hurting the pipes in the tank and damaging mechanical equipment.
In the newly bought stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel, the manufacturer usually presents a bag of edible soda with the barrel, claiming to use edible soda or baking soda to warm the water for a few hours, that is, to clean the barrel wall. Follow this procedure, and repeatedly scrub the inner wall of the barrel with an old towel for three times, and then rinse it with clean water for three times. The test results are as follows:
① The straight wall and bottom of the barrel are clean. Wipe these two parts with a paper towel. The paper towel is white and free of any stains.
② However, when wiping the junction of the straight wall of the barrel and the necking, that is, the annular strip with a width of about 1cm, there are large black oil stains on the white paper towel. Carefully observe the barrel wall area, and you can't see any obvious stains. Wipe it with your finger. The upper part of your finger is clean, and you can't see any stains. Wipe with a paper towel again, and the new paper towel turns black again. Move the bucket to the balcony and carefully observe the belt. It turns out that the belt is full of shallow vertical marks, which are left over from the production process. At that time, it was not polished flat, and some greasiness was accumulated in the vertical marks.
In addition, before installing the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel, it is necessary to first check whether there are magazines in the tank, carefully clean the inside and outside of the tank. After cleaning, check whether there is water in the tank. It is necessary to keep the tank dry, fix the insulation layer on the tank and arrange it in order. The maintenance and repair of the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel should be entrusted to relevant professionals. The maintenance personnel should strictly abide by rules and regulations to prevent dangers, Ensure your own safety.
This is the use and maintenance of the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel. I hope I can help you after reading it. Please come to our website for more relevant content Consult and understand!



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