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For liquor-making equipment, it is necessary to control its temperature requirement during operation. Nowadays, liquor is classified into many kinds. Distilled liquor is a kind of alcoholic beverage whose concentration of ethanol is higher than that of fermented products. Brandy, whiskey, rum and Chinese liquor are all classified as distilled liquor, most of which are strong liquor with higher degree.
Following is the introduction of the temperature control in the brewing process of the brewing equipment.
Above all, the principle of distillation is that distillation uses different boiling points of wine in grains and water during fermentation to achieve the purpose of separation. The boiling points of ethanol (78.4 C) and water (100 C) are different. In this way, the primary fermentation broth, that is, the fermented grains heated to the boiling point between the two, can be steamed and collected from the alcoholic components and aroma substances.
Secondly, we need to pay attention to the fact that the alcohol concentration of liquor head is relatively high, and the boiling point substances such as aldehydes, esters and ketones are gathered in the liquor head, so we need the so-called pinching of liquor head, that is, to separate the liquor head alone. Near the end of spraying, the concentration of alcohol decreased rapidly, and the content of fusel oil was more.
Otherwise, we can see from here that the temperature has a great impact on the whole process of wine steaming, that is to say, to control the temperature well, good temperature control, not only can the corresponding increase in wine production, but also the quality of wine will be better.
Generally speaking, the need for fire is clear before the brewing equipment starts to produce liquor. After starting to produce liquor, it is necessary to change to medium-fire, and then chase the tail liquor with high-fire. As long as the firepower is properly controlled, the wine will be of better quality and evenly produced.
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