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At present, there are many well-known brand wines in the market. How are these wines brewed? In fact, they all need brewing equipment to brew. The brewing equipment plays a great role in the whole brewing process. Then, the automatic stubble cooler manufacturer will talk about the inspection method before the use of the stubble cooler motor of the brewing equipment.
1. Use compressed air or manual blower to blow out the dust and brush powder inside the motor and remove dirt and sundries.
2. Remove all wiring connected to the motor and measure the insulation resistance of the winding to the base with an insulation resistance meter. If it is less than 0.5m Ω, it shall be dried and the removed wiring shall be restored after the measurement is qualified.
3. Check whether the surface of the commutator of the stubble cooler is smooth and clean. If any mechanical damage or spark burn is found, necessary treatment shall be carried out.
4. Check whether the brush is seriously damaged, whether the pressure of the brush holder is appropriate, and whether the position of the brush holder is at the marked position.
5. According to the motor nameplate of the stubble cooler, check whether the wiring mode between the windings of the DC motor is correct, whether the rated voltage of the motor is consistent with the power supply voltage, and whether the starting equipment of the motor meets the requirements and is intact.
Usually, when we use the brewing equipment, we should also pay attention to the parameters of the equipment and pay attention to adding oil to ensure that the equipment can be used normally. After that, the main thing is that the sealing ring of the discharge of the brewing equipment is a vulnerable part. Therefore, we should pay attention to inspection and replace it in time in case of damage;
It is necessary to clean the brewing equipment regularly, but it is necessary to avoid scratching the equipment by hard objects. For some pollutants, we can use alcohol to wipe them; Clean the internal parts of the equipment regularly, and blow them dry with compressed air after cleaning. When using the equipment at ordinary times, strictly follow the instructions. Follow us Yes, learn more!



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