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Nowadays, the stainless steel inner solid wood wine barrel is widely used. It has strong sealing ability to prevent external air dust and harmful substances from entering the tank, ensuring that the wine quality will not be polluted. It is also very convenient to use. In order to better use it, we should pay attention to the following points and learn about them together.
If the filling Baijiu needs to be slurried, in order to avoid sedimentation, soft water shall be used instead of untreated hard water.
Solid wine tails not only contain a certain amount of alcohol molecules, but also contain rich aroma substances. It is an effective method to improve the quality of ordinary Baijiu by reducing the alcohol content at the end of the liquor. However, due to the high content of high-grade fat and ethyl ester, the prepared Baijiu is prone to lose light, turbidity and precipitation at low temperature. Therefore, the alcohol content at the end of the liquor must be properly treated in winter. For high and medium-grade Baijiu, it is not easy to use alcohol content at the end of the liquor. It is easy to use the method of highly extracting alcohol and reducing alcohol content and adding pulp.
When distilling Baijiu, attention should be paid to eliminating the tail. The tail should not be pulled too long, and a certain degree of storage should be maintained. Otherwise, Baijiu will not only have a strong miscellaneous taste, but also produce turbidity and precipitation in Baijiu.
During the storage or filling of Baijiu, it is necessary to avoid contacting with copper, iron and other instruments as much as possible. Pottery or stainless steel can be used as the wine storage container Z, stainless steel flow pipe is used as the wine pump, and foot pipe or stainless steel pipe is used as the Baijiu to prevent discoloration or precipitation caused by copper and iron ions dissolved in Baijiu, which will affect the sensory quality of liquor.
The temperature is high and the alcohol volatilization coefficient is high. If the barrel is sealed, the pressure will rise. If the pressure resistance of the tank is poor, it will explode; If it is not sealed, alcohol will be lost. It is recommended to spray water on the wall of stainless steel inner solid wood wine barrel to reduce the temperature below 25 ℃.
In order to prolong the service life of the stainless steel inner solid wood wine barrel, daily maintenance is also essential. Clean the surface of the Baijiu storage tank with a soft cloth at least once a week. Remember to use neutral detergent, so as to make the appearance of the barrel clean and tidy. Follow us Yes, learn more!



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