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The automatic stubble cooler is a kind of equipment that can mix wine stubble after spreading and mixing. So what is the purpose of the automatic stubble drying machine to save materials?
The full-automatic stubble cooler includes a frame, a chain plate conveyor belt, an automatic bending device, an automatic blanking device, a reduction motor, a material receiving device, a mixing device, a cleaning device, a cooling device, a temperature detection device, an automatic water adding device, an automatic cleaning device, and an auxiliary platform device. The chain plate conveyor belt is inclined on the frame, and the reduction motor is installed on the frame, The chain plate conveyor belt conveyor line is provided with an automatic blanking device, an automatic bending device and a material receiving device from the bottom to the top.
1. A connecting basket is arranged directly below the feeding opening of the adding hopper of the stubble cooler and above the drive chain at the bottom of the stubble cooler;
2. Both ends of the connecting basket are respectively fixed on the beam of the stubble cooler bracket;
3. The connecting basket is a folded protective plate raised at one end;
4. And the raised end of the folding guard plate is provided with an adjusting bolt for adjusting the folding height of the bending basket on the cross beam;
5. To form a collecting structure for the leaked materials in the discharge port of the hopper.
The operation time is short, the resources are saved, the material is added and unloaded actively, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, and the phenomenon of spoiling grain is also eliminated. The parts touching the grain are all excellent stainless steel materials. In addition, the full-automatic stubble cooler can adjust the speed by frequency conversion during transportation, mixing and downwarping. For more information, please visit our website Consult and understand.



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