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In fact, in the daily production process, strict supervision is required to ensure the quality. While reducing the operation failure rate, the operation and power supply interface of the automatic wine vending machine should also meet the standards to avoid leakage. What are the daily protections of the automatic wine vending machine? Let the editor teach you "from the inside to the outside" cleaning care and the protection management of the cashier system.
Cleaning care from inside to outside
"Inside" refers to the space where the products are placed, and "outside" refers to the appearance of the surface of the automatic wine vending machine. The automatic wine vending machine is like displaying the products in the form of a window. The clean surface can convey the reliable quality and sanitary visual experience of the products and ensure that customers have the desire to consume. The cleaning of the cargo channel is to prevent the products from being dirty when they fall, so that the surface cleaning can play an effective role.
Protection management of cash register system
The cash register system of the automatic liquor vending machine is the cash register system and the mobile payment cash register system.
The former ensures that the machine can quickly identify and change the coins when the customers use paper money to make up for the change within a certain time, so that this route can be used normally.
The latter is the update of the module caused by the demand structure. Mobile payment is the mainstream consumption method at present. The automatic wine vending machine is for the young people who are accustomed to mobile payment consumption. The combination of the two must be oriented to the future. The trend of automatic wine vending machine and the upgrading of mobile payment module make customers feel more convenient and more practical.
The automatic wine vending machine is placed outside the house and contacts all kinds of people.
Therefore, even if the automatic wine vending machine stores the products in the internal closed space, the body will inevitably be damaged.
It seems possible to set up monitoring equipment, but it is only limited to those who are conscious of industrial protection, and those who ignore malicious results are inevitable. It also takes time and energy for the automatic liquor vending machine to complete the rapid protection equipment and reduce the loss of passenger flow.
The "power supply system" is indispensable for both outdoor and indoor automatic wine vending machines. The general domestic automatic wine vending machine is powered by 220V / 50Hz power supply, and must cooperate with the power supply interface. Avoid short circuit.
There are many lines inside the automatic wine vending machine to control the operation of the automatic wine vending machine, which should also be labeled and warned.
In the production process of the automatic wine vending machine, safety is an issue we should pay attention to, so do you know the equipment? For more information, please visit our website Consult and understand.



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