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The full-automatic stubble cooler can automatically discharge water, bend, feed, mix evenly, disperse the actual effect of cooling and idealize. Here is how to maintain the automatic stubble cooler after use.
The automatic stubble cooler is a new type of wine making equipment, which has the characteristics of faster and higher efficiency. Note that the steam valve above the boiler must be opened during the firing process of the boiler. Each stubble cooler is often composed of a bending device. The bending device is located at the bottom of the stubble cooler to collect the overflow material at the opening, thus saving raw materials and avoiding consumption.
In addition, the full-automatic stubble cooler is equipped with a plurality of axial flow fans. Through the adjustment of air volume, the high-temperature stubble can be reduced to the specified temperature during the conveying process, and the spreading and drying effect is good. During the spreading and drying process, a plurality of mixing devices are set to make the stubble loose and not easy to form lumps, and the amount of pulp and down warping can be adjusted. Through the device, the slurry, yeast powder and grain stubble can be mixed evenly.
Before installation, it is necessary to excavate pits, build walls, arrange sewage pipes and other cumbersome preparations. The full-automatic stubble cooler is used. The stubble leaked from the stubble net belt directly falls into the stainless steel box designed by the machine. After cleaning, it is completely used in the pool. It is easy to clean and eliminates waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, the workshop floor does not need any preparation. It can also be used as needed.
1. Maintenance after shift operation: after the operation of the full-automatic stubble cooler is completed, the residual materials on the full-automatic stubble cooler shall be cleaned to avoid rusting of the equipment, and then the cover shall be opened to remove the weeds wrapped on each part.
2. Maintenance after one week of operation: since the small full-automatic stubble cooler is used for one week, it is necessary to add grease to the universal joint and bearing, and stop checking and supplementing other smooth points. Check the wear condition of the equipment belt. If the wear is serious, replace it in time.
3. Maintenance after operation in each season: after the operation in each season is completed, not only the automatic stubble cooler is cleared, but also the triangle belt is loosened. After inspection and replacement of bearings at all operating parts, add enough grease.
When the full-automatic stubble cooler works, the water seal groove suddenly participates in a lot of cold water, forming a negative pressure. The solution is to gradually add cold water into the sealing tank. If you want to reduce the time of encrypting the water in the sealing tank, you can participate in hot water at the same temperature as the existing sealing tank. For more information, please visit our website consulting service



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