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The stainless steel inner solid wood wine barrel is a detail that cannot be ignored in wine brewing. Without the care of the solid wood wine barrel, the wine will not have such vitality. Let's talk about relevant contents in this regard.
Seeing this, many people will wonder when it was decided to use solid wood wine barrels, why not use ceramics, would it be more fragrant, and what role does solid wood wine barrels have on wine?
The great influence of solid wood barrel on wine is to make the wine stable through moderate oxidation structure and integrate the aroma in the barrel into the wine. The special structure of oak has the function of air permeability, allowing a small amount of air to pass through the barrel wall and permeate into the same species to make the wine produce moderate oxidation.
An appropriate amount of oxygen also accelerates the maturation of the wine, softens the tannins, and makes the fresh fruit aroma in the wine gradually brew into a rich and varied mature wine aroma. The moderate hardness of oak ensures good waterproof and storage safety.
In addition, the solid wood wine barrel contains a certain amount of tannin. When the wine is stored, the tannins in the project also slowly penetrate into the wine, strengthening the skeleton of the wine and making the wine more structured.
In addition to providing a moderate oxidation environment for the wine, the original aroma contained in the solid wood barrel will also slowly integrate into the wine, so that the wine aroma is more abundant, adding butter, vanilla, toasted bread, toasted almond, smoke and clove. The solid wood barrel has the effect of precipitating impurities, which makes the wine have such good quality.
Of course, not all wines are suitable for aging in solid wood barrels. For some wines with weak foundation, if they must be stored in solid wood casks, their quality will not be improved, but their defects will be highlighted, resulting in a more rough wine quality. The taste is more bitter, the tone is more dark, and the only fruit flavor will be suppressed by the oak flavor, leaving only the pungent oak flavor.
The reason why it is recommended to use solid wood wine barrels instead of ceramics when brewing red wine is the above explanation. If you have any questions about this, please come here Consult and understand.



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