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The distillation process of the automatic stubble cooler can be divided into three stages, i.e. the initial stage, the intermediate stage and the later stage. It should be noted that the degree of wine received in each stage is different. Let's talk about the specific content.
Stage I (initial stage): the distillation temperature is below 78.3 ℃, and the wine is called wine head. Add 100 Jin of grain and 0.5 Jin of wine, and so on. The content of low-grade low-grade fatty acid lipids, aldehydes, etc. in the wine head is high, and there is a certain aroma. However, the miscellaneous taste is heavy and the dry taste is heavy, which also has a certain damage to the human vision. Generally, it is stored separately.
Second stage (intermediate stage): the distillation temperature is between 78.3 ° C and 95 ° C. The connected liquor belongs to normal flow liquor and is also an ideal commercial liquor. Its main component is alcohol. The alcohol is about 50 degrees.
Three stage (later stage): the distilling temperature of the full-automatic stubble cooler is about 100 ℃, and the wine connected is called the wine tail. The content of lactic acid and its lipids in the wine tail is several times higher than that of the nose wine head and the normal flow wine. It also contains fatty acid lipids such as ethyl linoleic acid and ethyl oleate, and a lot of wine tastes miscellaneous and bitter. It should be separately connected and stored with the wine head.
The full-automatic stubble cooler is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt and a stirring cage, a beating bar, a turning bar, a feeding device and a discharging pipe connected to the conveyor belt in turn. The wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt, and the fan works at the same time of breaking and stirring to quickly cool down. The cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with the koji in the feeding device.
In the first stage of the distillation process, a large fire should be used to distill the wine head. In the second stage of the automatic stubble cooler, the fire power should be flat and stable. Turn off the blower and slowly distill. Do not be in a hurry at this stage. It has been proved by practice that the slow distillation liquor has high ester content and high distillation efficiency. Due to the slow distillation, the steam pressure is low and the steam is even, so that the aroma components in the liquor are dragged into the liquor by the steam, so that the aroma components in the liquor are high and the quality of the liquor is also better.
The distillation process of the automatic stubble cooler is divided into three stages. The specific content has been explained above. If you have any questions, please follow our website Contact us and relevant personnel will analyze and answer for you.



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