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Nowadays, wood wine barrel packaging is welcomed by more and more customers. Of course, some people use it smoothly during the use period, but some people have problems when using it. Let's talk about the related use and understanding problems.
The fragrance of solid wood can improve the taste of wine. The application of solid wood chips and solid wood flour is a new technology and process for the development of red wine industry, which is different from the use of wine barrels. The wine barrel believes that the chemical substances in the solid wood chip are the same as the wine barrel. The gall wine can penetrate the barrel wall and breathe oxygen bottles through the barrel wall in the wine barrel. This is something that the solid wood chip does not have. In the whole process of aging, the wine barrel suggests whether to choose the wine barrel. While solid wood chips play an auxiliary role and have the effect of auxiliary tools.
Red wine touches the barrel wall in the wine, its fragrance touches, and its aromatic chemicals melt into the water. With the passage of time, the aroma in the wine will be less and less, and the aroma of the barrel wall will gradually decrease. The barrel believes that the old barrel is vulnerable to the pollution of adverse microorganisms, and its effective components will also be reduced. Generally, the service life of wine barrels is good and suitable, and it is not more than 10 years. So that solid wood chips can be added in the later stage of application, so as to increase the effective ingredients of improving the wine barrel. When the wine barrel is used to a certain age, it must be replaced immediately.
Due to the high cost of wine barrels, some enterprises want to make a lot of profits in one step when the distillery is newly under construction. Manufacturers of solid wood wine barrels with stainless steel liners think this idea is unrealistic. The barrel is better for regular, small and continuous purchase. Root purchase. Change the wine immediately according to the annual brewing situation. Choose the right barrel. Friends who make their own wine, it is better to buy suitable wine barrels of different sizes, and change the barrels according to the storage capacity.
In addition, the moisture-proof packaging of products is a technical way to adopt certain safety protection measures in order to prevent moisture from invading the packaging and affecting the quality of the contents. We still need to know the technical basic principle of moisture-proof packaging. For more relevant content, please come to our website Consult.



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