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At present, the full-automatic mechanization of Baijiu brewing has become a must to replace the traditional manual work. It is necessary to correctly grasp and use modern means, constantly improve the operation, so that the mechanized equipment can better serve the production, and give full play to the performance of the full-automatic stubble cooler to a great extent. How to do it?
(1) Initiative of adding water to fermented grains
In the traditional brewing process, in order to meet the requirements of the fermentation humidity of the materials, the fermented grains are watered manually after coming out of the pot, and the workers use the bucket to carry about 80 degrees of hot water to water the materials. The whole process is labor-intensive and there are certain hidden dangers because of the high water temperature. Together, it is bad for the workers' bodies, which solves this problem. After the fermented grains come out of the hopper, it is followed by the spraying of hot water, The hot water is directly sprayed to the surface of the fermented grains through the pipeline without manual work. The data is controlled by the flow of hot water, so that the fermented grains are evenly sprinkled with hot water when running on the chain plate conveyor belt, which meets the humidity requirements of fermentation.
(2) Active overturning process of fermented grains
During the working process of fermented grains on the chain plate conveyor belt, in order to achieve the intention of uniform and non agglomeration, a turnover mixing equipment is added on the upper part of the equipment. The continuous turnover of materials during mixing makes the materials more relaxed and non agglomeration. Together, the turnover after bending makes the uniformity of materials more perfect. Together, the materials are overturned and mixed again before they fall into the receiving hopper, further completing the uniform mixing of materials, It ensures the fermentation after entering the pit. The whole process is driven by four motors to actively complete the mixing. Compared with the traditional manual overturning and manual stacking, it saves labor and improves the product quality.
(3) Initiative of adding starter to fermented grains
The traditional starter adding of fermented grains is completed by manual operation. Workers first put the starter in the specified position, then mix it with the fermented grains, and then sprinkle it into the surface of the fermented grains with tools and manual operation. The phenomenon of uneven mixing will also occur when it takes up human and material resources. After the fermented grains are cooled and cooled to the process temperature (such as 40 ° C), the starter adding is completed by motor-controlled operation, Adjust the koji adding speed according to the weight of fermented grains and the proportion requirements of the process, so that the koji can be actively increased and completed in the cooling process of fermented grains, and then the motor will turn over to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing of materials.
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