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Small brewing equipment can play a very important role in modern brewing operations, but it is prone to water leakage in the process of use. How to solve the problem of water leakage in small brewing equipment? Let me tell you something.
1. If the location temperature of small beer brewing equipment is lower than -13.2 ℃, tin welding cannot be used for correction. At that low temperature, tin will change into powdery gray tin in the metal lattice, causing solder joint leakage. Water leakage will still occur when the temperature rises.
2. If the small brewing equipment is very thin, it can only be repaired with waterproof glue. If it is thicker, it can be drilled and blocked with stainless steel screws. Clean the oil stain at the crack, polish the oxide film with emery cloth, scrape it off with a screwdriver or saw blade, heat the aluminum parts to 300 ℃ -400 ℃ (pay attention to the temperature should not be too high), and wipe the welding rod at the crack. When the welding rod melts, use a screwdriver to conflict the molten welding rod alloy at the crack, and then gradually thicken the welding layer.
3. The manufacturer of automatic wine vending machine believes that there are many details that need to be paid attention to before correction. If we understand the characteristics of small-scale brewing equipment and grasp these details together, then the water leakage problem of small-scale brewing equipment can also be solved in time. In addition, in the process of using small brewing equipment, it is also necessary to do a good job of inspection from time to time to avoid affecting the brewing process and the quality of wine.
The screening pot of small brewing equipment has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation - that is, rust resistance, together with the ability to resist corrosion in media containing acid, alkali, salt and other media - that is, corrosion resistance, and relatively long service life. Without changing any process, it eliminates some cumbersome manual operations, so it is simple to use and saves labor, time and effort; Moreover, it has good heat preservation performance in winter, fast aeration, and the surface is not hot in summer, which improves the physical and chemical goals of wine.
Therefore, in normal times, we should do a good job in the maintenance of small brewing equipment. For more information about the device, please follow our website Consult and understand.



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