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The automatic stubble airing machine is a device that can add distiller's yeast to mix after the stubble is cooled and stirred. Short working hours, very resource-saving, automatic bending and unloading, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and put an end to the phenomenon of wasting food. Here is how to maintain the automatic stubble dryer after use.
1. Maintenance after shift operation: after the completion of each shift operation of the full-automatic stubble airing machine, the remaining materials on the full-automatic stubble airing machine should be cleaned to prevent the equipment from rusting, and then turn over the cover to remove the weeds twined on all parts.
2. Maintenance after one week of operation: because the small automatic stubble dryer needs to add butter to the universal joint and bearing after one week of operation, and stop checking and supplementing other smooth points. Check the wear condition of the equipment belt. If the wear is serious, change it in time.
3. Maintenance after each season's operation: after each season's operation is completed, not only the automatic stubble dryer is cleared, but also the triangle belt is loosened. After the bearing of each operating part is checked and replaced, add enough grease.
be careful:
The parts in contact with grain are made of high-quality stainless steel. When in use, the wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt. While crushing and mixing, the fan works to quickly cool down. The cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with koji in the blanking device.
The full-automatic stubble drying machine improves the cooling effect, reduces power consumption, solves the self accumulation and blockage of existing equipment, and realizes the automatic mixing of wine stubble and distiller's yeast.
Before installation, it is necessary to dig pits, build walls, arrange sewage pipelines and other cumbersome preparations. With the full-automatic stubble drying machine, the stubble leaked from the cool stubble net belt directly falls into the stainless steel box designed by this machine. After cleaning, it is completely used in the pool. The cleaning is simple and convenient, and the phenomenon of waste and environmental pollution is eliminated. Follow our website for more information 。



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