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Stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel has a bright surface, which is easy to clean and free from dirt. It is safe, environmentally friendly and hygienic. Tough, corrosion-resistant, combined with exquisite polishing technology, it highlights beauty and elegance on the basis of practicality, and is easy to clean. Next, let's talk about the manufacturing steps of solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner.
In one step, cut the removed wood into wood chips. When cutting with a hacksaw, the growth rings and fibers of the wood itself will be destroyed. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of one step, it is necessary to use an artificial axe to chop it and finely grind it into a wooden board with flat surface, which is the basis for making bulk wine barrels;
The second step takes a long time to dry the wood. Oak chips must be placed outdoors before making. This process is mainly to increase the waterproof of oak and weaken the astringency of tannin;
Combine the oak pieces in three steps. Cut the dried oak into pieces wide in the middle and small at both ends. Generally, 32 pieces of oak pieces are needed to make a barrel, and fix the oak with iron bars;
Four steps are crucial, like heating and smoking in wooden barrels. By heating the oak, the oak can leave a smoky taste, which will make the soaked wine have the aroma of almond and bread;
Five step inspection: put the lid on the bulk wine barrel for sealing inspection. After passing the inspection, the bulk wine barrel can be artistically processed and put into the market.
It should be noted that the above compounds will change over time in the process of aging wine in solid wood barrels with stainless steel liners. In fact, the contribution of solid wood barrels of different ages to wine is different. Follow our website for more relevant content OK.



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