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At present, high-end liquor, including Baijiu and red wine, is relatively exclusive of the concept of self-service, especially because of the brand effect of high-end Baijiu, they do not need to rely too much on the Internet + model, let alone the means of self-service liquor sales. The so-called self-service liquor vending machine is basically for the middle and low-end Baijiu industry, similar to Baijiu such as large packaging bulk liquor. In fact, there are still a lot of consumers of this kind of middle and low-end Baijiu, After all, most of the high-end brands are used for business and banquet. On the contrary, medium and low-end Baijiu is the first choice of ordinary consumers. So Xiaobian thinks the prospect is good.
The market is large, but it is still in the exploratory stage.
There are many profit models. The more common and sustainable one is the agent distribution model. Now many self-service wine vending machines are very intelligent. In addition to self-service hardware, there is also a management platform.
Wineries can distribute agents through wine selling machines and equipment, saving more time, manpower and material resources.
For agents), through big data comparison, we can analyze a lot of useful information, which is simply to locate the device and analyze what scene is suitable for what price of wine, users' preferences, and their general drinking needs.
The reliability of this real data is much less tortuous than blind conjecture.
Now the self-service wine vending machines on the market are basically a combination of software and hardware. Hardware is equipment. It depends on who the software is more scientific and humanized. Basically, there are many functions of control, monitoring and data analysis and comparison.
I've seen many similar devices around now. They're all in some restaurants. I think it's OK. There are many kinds of wine, and it's relatively easy (for restaurants). They don't care. They all operate by users themselves. Hotels are only responsible for asking people to deliver wine when there is no wine.
In fact, Xiaobian thinks that for ordinary consumers, the convenience is to avoid waste. Three or five people drink as much as they want. That's why it's worth looking forward to the market environment of the automatic wine vending machine. If you need to buy the machine, please pay attention to our website OK.



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