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The fully active stubble cooler is a device that can mix the cold mix of the stubble stall and the liquor koji. Short working hours, saving resources, actively adding koji and unloading materials, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and eliminating the phenomenon of waste of food.
The parts touched with grain are made of high quality stainless steel. In addition, when the machine is in use, the speed of conveying, mixing and downwarping is variable frequency.
Advantages of fully active stubble cooler

The fully active stubble cooler is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt, a stirring cage connected sequentially to the conveyor belt, a beating rod, a turning rod, a discharging device and a discharging pipe. The fan is fixed on the frame at the side end of the conveyor belt and is at least three. The discharging device is composed of a discharging hopper and a discharging roller fixed at the lower part of the discharging hopper. The frame is provided with a discharging roller higher than the conveyor. A baffle with both ends of the conveyor line.
When in use, the stubble passes through the conveyor belt, and works with a blower which breaks and mixes, so as to reduce the temperature quickly. The cooled stubble is actively mixed with the liquor koji in the feeding equipment. The fully active stubble cooler of the utility model improves the cooling effect, reduces power consumption, solves the self-accumulation blocking phenomenon of existing equipment, and completes the active mixing of stubble and koji.
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