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Nowadays, stainless steel wine barrels are widely used, with strong air tightness, which can prevent dust and harmful substances in the outside air from entering the tank and ensure that the wine quality is not polluted. It is also very convenient to use. In order to better use it, we need to pay attention to the following points. Let's have a look.
1. Water quality requirements for scheduling and pulping. To avoid sedimentation, soft water should be used instead of untreated hard water.
2. Problems that should be paid attention to when using solid wine tail to reduce the degree. Solid wine tails not only contain a certain amount of alcohol molecules, but also rich aroma substances. The use of tail subtraction is an effective method to improve the quality of ordinary Baijiu, but due to the high content of higher fatty ethyl fat, it is easy to cause the prepared Baijiu to lose light, turbidity and precipitate at low temperature. When using the wine tail in winter, it should be treated as appropriate to reduce the degree. For medium and high-grade Baijiu, it is not easy to reduce the degree with the wine tail.
3. When producing solid wine, strictly select wine by sections. When distilling Baijiu, pay attention to pinching the head and removing the tail. Don't pull the tail too long and keep it stored to a certain extent. Otherwise, it will not only make the wine taste worse, but also make the wine turbid and precipitated.
4. Wine storage or filling. When storing or loading wine, try to avoid contact with copper, iron and other appliances. Ceramic pots or stainless steel pots should be used for wine storage containers, stainless steel wine flow pipes should be used for wine pumps, and foot tubes or stainless steel pipes should be used. In order to prevent Baijiu from dissolving into copper ions and iron ions and causing discoloration or precipitation, which will affect the sensory quality of Baijiu.
5. Avoid high temperatures. High temperature leads to high alcohol volatilization coefficient. If the barrel is sealed, the pressure will increase. If the pressure resistance of the solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner is not good, it will explode; If it is not sealed, alcohol will be lost. The temperature is controlled below 25 ° C.
In order to prolong the service life of stainless steel wine barrels, daily maintenance is also essential. Clean the surface of the wine storage tank with a soft cloth at least once a week. Remember to use neutral detergent, which can also improve the appearance of the barrel. It looks clean and tidy. If you want to know more about products and equipment, please follow our website Come on!



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