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For a long time, the industry has been advocating branding, high-end and chaining for the sales of bulk liquor, and the emergence of automatic liquor sales is an innovative exploration of the sales mode of bulk liquor. So what is the function of the automatic wine vending machine?
Based on the base station positioning and the consumer mobile phone calibration mechanism, the location of the wine vending machine laid out by the merchant can be accurately located. Combined with the large screen of the data map, the operator can have a clear view of the layout information of the wine vending machine.
The signal ensures the stability of the signal to a large extent, allowing consumers to freely pay and use the device at any time.
The foreign high-accuracy flowmeter, combined with the system and chip multiple calibration mechanism, ensures that the liquor output error does not exceed 5ml, so that users can buy enough Baijiu.
Large capacity lithium battery is adopted to ensure long-term power supply of the equipment. At the same time, merchants can configure the sleep period in the background, and the wine vending machine will not consume battery power during the sleep period, so as to avoid frequent charging problems
Once the wine eggs are loaded into the wine machine, the intelligent lock will automatically lock the wine eggs. People who don't have the right to unlock can't take off the wine eggs. Only the person with the authority of the system can unlock the lock, and it is forbidden to change or mix alcohol during the operation.
After the user pays successfully, he can receive the wine several times until he has received the amount of wine he bought. For the part that has not been received, the user can choose to refund, and the original price of the remaining Baijiu is converted into the amount and refunded to the user's payment account.
Merchants can set the pre-warning values of the remaining power of the wine vending machine and the remaining alcohol volume of wine and eggs in the background. When the remaining power and alcohol volume are lower than the pre-warning value, the system will automatically push the wechat template message to the recipient's wechat, so that merchants can charge and replenish wine in time.
Automatic liquor vending machines are placed in restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores to serve drinking consumers and make money. These are the functions of the machines. If you are interested in learning about this, please follow our website Come on!



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