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The use of automatic stubble cooler improves the cooling effect, reduces power consumption, solves the self accumulation and blockage of existing equipment, and realizes the automatic mixing of wine stubble and distiller's yeast. Do you know the inspection method of automatic stubble cooler motor before use?
The full-automatic stubble cooler is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt and a stirring cage, a beating stick, a turning stick, a blanking device and a discharge pipe connected to the conveyor belt in turn. When in use, the stubble passes through the conveyor belt. While crushing and mixing, the fan works to quickly cool down. The cooled stubble is automatically mixed with koji in the blanking device.
Before starting the automatic stubble cooler, we should first check whether the motor of the machine is normal, and then start the equipment. During the inspection, the blower should be used to clean the dust and other dirt in the motor at the same time, and measure whether the wiring is qualified. If the motor is found to have mechanical damage or spark burns, necessary treatment should be carried out immediately.
1. Blow the dust and brush powder inside the motor with compressed air or manual blower to remove dirt and sundries.
2. Remove all wiring connected to the motor, and measure the insulation resistance of the winding to the base with an insulation resistance meter. If it is less than 0.5m Ω, it should be dried, and the removed wiring should be restored after the measurement is qualified.
3. Check whether the surface of the commutator of the full-automatic stubble cooler is smooth and clean. If mechanical damage or spark burn marks are found, necessary treatment should be carried out.
4. Check whether the brush is seriously damaged, whether the pressure of the brush holder is appropriate, and whether the position of the brush holder is at the marked position.
5. According to the nameplate of the motor of the automatic stubble cooler, check whether the wiring mode between the windings of the DC motor is correct, whether the rated voltage of the motor is consistent with the power supply voltage, and whether the starting equipment of the motor meets the requirements and is intact.
The above is a brief introduction to the inspection methods of the automatic stubble cooler motor before use. For more information about the equipment, please pay attention to our website Come on!



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