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Now many people choose to buy solid wood wine barrels, whether gifts or decorations, are very good choices. However, there are too many solid wood barrel manufacturers. High quality solid wood wine barrels need to be protected in many aspects. Let's analyze them below.
Shop high quality wine barrels
1. To buy a real wooden wine barrel, you need to ask what kind of wood it is. If only it were a pine tree. You can open the lid of the barrel and smell it. If there is good rosin, the wood is hard, the grain is clear, and the overall weight is relatively heavy. Pine is like this.
2. If he said it was oak, the liner would not fit. If it is Paulownia, the overall weight is lighter, the wood grain is lighter, and the wood is soft. There is no loose rosin. You must have bought such a barrel.
3. If it is a wooden wine barrel with more than 10L, in addition to wood, another key is the inner tank, knot, faucet, etc., which are related to the service life of the barrel.
4. When choosing, we must polish our eyes and compare carefully. We should not only consider the price, but also consider the service life. The older you are, the higher the price.
Moisture proof matters of wine barrel
Select appropriate moisture-proof materials for moisture-proof treatment of solid wood wine barrels, design a reasonable packaging structure of solid wood wine barrels, and carry out moisture-proof treatment of materials that are easy to absorb moisture. Add appropriate moisture-proof lining of solid wood wine barrel. Seal the solid wood wine barrel with moisture-proof material and add desiccant.
Solid wood wine barrel maintenance
Due to the high cost of solid wood wine barrels with stainless steel liners, some enterprises hope to make huge profits when building new distilleries in one step. The company thinks this idea is unrealistic. Wine barrels are good for regular, small-scale and continuous purchase. According to the annual brewing situation, it changes in time. Choose the right barrel.
1. The wood used in solid wood wine barrels is dry wood, and soaking in water is strictly prohibited. The towel should not be too wet when wiping.
2. The wood thickness of the wine barrel is about 23m. If there is a sign nailed on the wine barrel, the length of the nail used should not exceed 13m, so as to prevent the iron nail or protruding wood stubble from piercing the inner tank.
3. When the temperature is high in summer, the added wine or liquid should not be too full to prevent the wine or other liquid from overflowing due to thermal expansion.
4. If there is water leakage at the faucet interface, put wine or other liquids first, and check the plastic interface. If there is no cracking, rewind and tighten the faucet with raw material tape.
The above is all about the problems and precautions introduced to you today. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website , our staff will contact you in time.



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