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When it comes to how to receive wine, many people who know a little about wine making technology will know that it is only 50 degrees to receive wine from the beginning of wine production, or it is only a method for wine making equipment to receive wine, but it is not scientific. So, do you know how to receive wine when distilling wine making equipment, and what are the requirements for receiving wine? Next, let's have an in-depth understanding together. Interested friends, let's have a good look!
How to receive wine when distilling wine making equipment and operation requirements for receiving wine:
1. The method of receiving liquor when distilling the brewing equipment: according to the degree of liquor, Baijiu can be divided into: high Baijiu - the degree of liquor is more than 50 degrees; Moderate Baijiu -- the degree of liquor is 30-49 degrees; Low alcohol Baijiu -- the alcohol content of liquor is generally about 29 degrees.
2. For the sake of wine quality, a better way is to "eliminate the end and leave the middle". There are two ways to deal with the head and tail of wine. One is to put the head and tail of wine together with the materials in the distillation pot for distillation, and the other is to put the head and tail of wine together for single re distillation. This method can obtain high alcohol above 60 degrees. This kind of wine can be used as the base for preparing low alcohol wine, and can also be mixed with wine below 50 degrees to make high alcohol above 50 degrees.
3. Add 0.5 Jin of wine head to every 100 kg of grain, and add the head and tail wine to another pot of fermented grains for distillation to increase the flavor.
4. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, the commercial wine treatment (high, medium and low) is divided into three tanks: high (above 50 ℃), medium (49 ℃ ~ 30 ℃) and low (below 29 ℃), and all of them are aged wine through the aging brewing equipment; If you want high alcohol, you can mix the low alcohol liquor with the new fermented grains for re steaming; If you want medium wine, you can mix high alcohol wine and low alcohol wine in a jar, and both of them should be filtered by the aging brewing equipment.
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