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1、 Do you use wooden barrels or wood chips to make wine
Wine barrel is a traditional wine making tool, which can improve wine quality. The aroma of solid wood can improve the taste of wine. The application of solid wood chips and solid wood powder is a new process for the development of wine industry, which is different from the use of wine barrels. The substance in the solid wood chip is the same as that in the wine barrel. The gall wine can breathe oxygen through the barrel wall in the wine barrel, which is not available in the solid wood chip. In the process of aging, it is recommended to use the wine barrel. And solid wood chips play an auxiliary role.
2、 Can wooden wine barrels be used indefinitely
Wine in the wine and barrel wall contact, its aromatic substances into the water. With the passage of time, the aroma in the wine becomes less and less, and the aroma of the barrel wall will gradually decrease. It is considered that the old wine barrel is vulnerable to the pollution of adverse microorganisms, and its effective components will also decrease. The service life of general wine barrel shall not exceed 10 years. Solid wood chips can be added at the later stage of use to increase the effective components of the wine barrel. When the wine barrel is used to a certain age, it must be replaced in time.
3、 Whether the wooden wine barrel should be purchased in one step
Due to the high cost of wine barrels, some enterprises want to make a lot of profits at one step when they build a new distillery. This idea is impractical. A good barrel is a regular, small and continuous purchase. Timely change according to the annual brewing situation. Choose the right barrel. Friends who make wine by themselves, it is better to buy wine barrels of different sizes and change them according to the wine storage capacity.
Wooden wine barrel maintenance:
1. The wood used in the wine barrel is dry wood, and it is forbidden to soak in water. The towel should not be too wet when wiping.
2. The wood thickness of the stainless steel inner tank solid wood wine barrel is about 23m. If a label is nailed to the wine barrel, the length of the nail used shall not exceed 13m to prevent the inner tank from being punctured by iron nails or protruding wood stubbles.
3. In high temperature in summer, the added liquor or liquid should not be too full to prevent the overflow of liquor or other liquid caused by heat rise.
4. If there is leakage at the tap interface, first discharge the wine or other liquid, and check the plastic interface. If there is no cracking, rewind the tap with the raw material belt and tighten it.
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