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Fully active stubble cooler is a new type of active stubble cooler which replaces manual labor. Traditional liquor-making methods have high labor intensity, low production efficiency and large distance between hygienic conditions and environmental requirements of food production.
With the continuous development of society, the labor shortage in labor market and the increasing production and manufacturing costs of workers, it is imperative to replace traditional manual labor with full-active mechanization in liquor brewing.
Therefore, on the basis of adhering to the characteristics of traditional liquor production process, it is imperative to correctly grasp and use modern means, constantly improve operation, so as to better serve the production of mechanized equipment, and to a large extent, to play a mechanized efficiency. At the same time, the price of fully active stubble cooler has also been relatively increased.
The fully active stubble cooler includes structure, chain plate conveyor belt, active bending equipment, active blanking equipment, deceleration motor, feeding equipment, mixing equipment, cleaning equipment, cooling equipment, temperature detection equipment, active water feeding equipment, active cleaning equipment and auxiliary channel equipment. The chain plate conveyor belt is obliquely arranged on the structure, and the deceleration motor is installed on the structure. The chain-plate conveyor belt conveyor line is provided with active blanking equipment, active bending equipment and feeding equipment from bottom to top.
Operating Principle of Fully Active Stubble Cooler
The procedure requires that the grains be heated to adjust the moisture requirement of the grains after they are removed from the steamer.
After that, the fermented grains are required to be cooled to the technological temperature. After that, the fermented grains are added with koji. After adding koji, the fermented grains continue to be cooled, mixed and evenly fermented in cellar.
After controlling the width and height of the hopper so as to reach the requirement of the thickness of the working layer, the grains are transferred forward by the chain wheel driven by the active motor after falling on the chain-plate conveyor belt. During the transmission process, the grains are continuously cooled by the fan. After the starter is added at the beginning of the starter, the grains are mixed and then cooled by the fan until the fermentation temperature required by the technology. After that, grains were transferred to pits through hoppers for fermentation.
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