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Question algorithm
There are many kinds of Baijiu in China. Baijiu is not only divided into low alcohol and high alcohol, but also Baijiu is divided into Maotai flavor, Luzhou flavor, light flavor and other types according to flavor type. Therefore, there is often a density difference between different Baijiu. The difference between the self-service wine vending machine and the general way of selling water is that the self-service wine vending machine needs an algorithm matching the wine sold to accurately control the shipment.
If the algorithm is not correct, it is likely that the consumer ordered a certain amount of wine, but there is a deviation in the amount of wine. Once a similar problem occurs, on the one hand, it will not only lead to complaints of dissatisfaction with consumption, but also incur penalties from the market regulatory authorities. Nowadays, shortness of weight is not a small problem in today's honest society!
Ask quality control
After entering the self-service liquor vending machine, Baijiu is in a relatively open environment. Everyone knows that Baijiu may change due to changes in the storage environment. For some Baijiu, these changes may lead to changes in liquor quality, such as changes in liquor precision caused by alcohol volatilization, changes in flavor caused by the emission of flavor substances, and so on. Once there is a change, it will easily lead to the original good wine becoming bad. Therefore, when purchasing relevant equipment, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer whether it has relevant wine quality control technology.
Ask the source
As the sales mode is decentralized sales, an important problem of Baijiu vending machine is to do a good job in tracing the source of liquor. We should not allow those with bad intentions to have room to do things. Mature self-service wine vending machines are generally equipped with a perfect traceability system. Consumers can know the wine producing area, year, origin and manufacturer by simply scanning the code.
In addition, the equipment designer of the automatic wine vending machine will also design anti refilling technology. Once the wine is installed on the machine, the equipment will not be able to separate the wine container from the wine vending machine unless it is operated by internal professionals. Only by doing so can we prevent some ill intentioned people from passing inferior goods off as good, or Colluding for profits.
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