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1、红酒的适宜储存温度为13℃左右。 建议保持温度恒定,否则会对酒的产品质量造成很大的危害。 随着温度的升高,酒体成熟所需的时间也会缩短,酒的特殊食物会变得比较粗糙,酒可能会因过度氧化而变质。
1. The suitable storage temperature for red wine is about 13 ℃. It is suggested to keep the temperature constant, otherwise it will do great harm to the product quality of the wine. With the increase of temperature, the time required for the wine to mature will also be shortened, the special food of the wine will become rough, and the wine may deteriorate due to excessive oxidation.
2、湿度的影响主要影响红酒的软木塞,湿度一般在60%-70%比较合适。 如果湿度过低,红酒软木塞会变干,影响密封效果,让更多的空气与酒接触,加速酒的氧化,导致酒品品质下降。 或许,湿度太高不好,红酒发霉的软木塞也会破坏酒品的品质。
2. The influence of humidity mainly affects the cork of red wine. The humidity is generally 60%-70%. If the humidity is too low, the cork of red wine will dry, affecting the sealing effect, allowing more air to contact with the wine, accelerating the oxidation of the wine, resulting in the decline of wine quality. Perhaps, too high humidity is not good, and the moldy cork of red wine will also damage the quality of the wine.
3、饮用葡萄酒的光线中紫外线的伤害也相当大,也是加速葡萄酒氧化过程的始作俑者之一。 因此,愿意长期存放的红酒,一定要放在有背光的地方。
3. Ultraviolet radiation in the light of drinking wine is also quite harmful, and it is also one of the initiators to accelerate the oxidation process of wine. Therefore, red wine that is willing to be stored for a long time must be placed in a place with backlight.
4、红酒是装在木桶里的,它的变化是一个缓慢的过程。 振动会加速红酒的成熟期,也许结果也会使酒变得更粗糙。 所以应放置在远离振动的地方,不要经常移动。
4. Red wine is packed in wooden barrels, and its change is a slow process. Vibration will accelerate the ripening period of red wine, and may also make the wine coarser as a result. Therefore, it should be placed away from vibration and should not be moved frequently.
All high-quality decorative wooden wine barrels are made of pine wood, with a thickness of 2 cm. They are equipped with six layers of aluminum foil vacuum sterile inner tank. It plays the role of constant temperature and humidity. The wine temperature is constantly controlled at 18 degrees, which is little affected by the change of external temperature. Such an environment is similar to a wine cellar. Baijiu stored inside can be better preserved, improve the mellow flavor of Baijiu, and make the taste more soft. This is the main difference between decorative wooden wine barrel and large vat bulk wine.
Stainless steel inner tank solid wood wine barrel the wine barrel adopts a unique design with a lock on the top cover and a lock on the tap, which makes the sales of bulk wine safer and the operation more specific. In the past, the large vat of bulk wine was completely open. If it was a hot summer, flies and other insects were likely to fly in at the moment you were drinking and breed maggots inside. Even if there was no such thing, the dust would fall into it and affect the health. The decorative wooden wine barrel completely avoids such problems and makes Baijiu more hygienic.
The solid wood wine barrel not only provides a beautiful shell in bulk wine to enhance the image, but also improves the profit in bulk wine sales. The above is the relevant content of the question answer. I hope it can help you. If you still have any questions about this problem, you are welcome to follow our website And consult our staff, will serve you wholeheartedly.



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