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Automatic stubble cooler is a new type of brewing equipment, which has the characteristics of high speed and high efficiency. It can automatically add water, bend pipes, unload materials and mix evenly, with ideal cooling effect. Bending device is one of the most important devices in stubble cooler. The elbow device is located at the bottom of the stubble cooler to collect the materials leaked from the discharge port, so as to save materials and avoid waste.
The stubble cooler itself has good advantages
The stubble cooler is a device that adds distiller's yeast for mixing after cooling and stirring the stubble. The working time is short, which can save resources. It can automatically load and unload materials, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and eliminate the phenomenon of wasting food. The parts in contact with particles are made of high-quality stainless steel. In addition, when the machine is in use, frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted for conveying, mixing and lowering.
When in use, the wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt, the fan works while crushing and mixing, the temperature drops rapidly, and the cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with the starter in the feeding device. The full-automatic stubble cooler of the utility model improves the cooling effect, reduces the power consumption, solves the self accumulation and blocking phenomenon of the existing equipment, and realizes the automatic mixing of stubble and koji.
Before starting the automatic stubble cooler, first check whether the motor of the machine is normal, and then start the equipment. During the inspection, the blower shall be used to purge the dust and other dirt in the motor and measure whether the wiring is qualified. If mechanical damage or sparks are found in the motor, necessary treatment shall be carried out immediately.
How does the stubble cooler achieve the purpose of material saving:
1. An arc-shaped basket is arranged directly below the hopper feed port of the stubble cooler and above the transmission chain at the bottom of the stubble cooler;
2. Both ends of the connecting basket are respectively fixed on the cross beam of the stubble cooler support;
3. The bent basket is a folding guard board raised at one end;
4. The convex end of the folding guard plate is provided with an adjusting bolt for adjusting the folding height of the bending basket on the beam;
5. The collecting structure of materials leaked from the discharge port of the arc hopper is composed of an arc-shaped rotating basket.
6. The utility model can effectively collect and reuse the leakage, thereby saving materials.
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