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As an important part of bulk wine, bulk wine is generally packaged in wine cans or simple containers compared with fine packaged bulk wine. The regional characteristics of bulk liquor are very obvious, which is closely related to the local liquor culture. Therefore, the plan to sell bulk liquor needs to dig deep into the local market and increase the sales points.
In addition, to understand the production process and hygiene of local bulk liquor, select the old / old brand bulk liquor manufacturer, and then complete the certificate of liquor vending machine. After completing these steps, we can also use the automatic wine vending machine. The source channel of bulk liquor, the hygiene status of bulk liquor or slogans reminding drinking are pasted on the fuselage.
There are two points to pay attention to when choosing bulk wine: 1. The quality of bulk wine should not be poor, because bulk wine is spread by word of mouth. If the bulk liquor sold has a bad reputation, it will only make it more difficult to sell. 2. Understand the local people's preference for bulk wine, and analyze the sales data of bulk wine in the background of wine vending machine. Therefore, when we establish a stable consumer group and recognize the vending machine and its bulk liquor products, we can do better and better.
In addition, the wine vending machine shipping method of the automatic wine vending machine is to place the goods through the diameter distance between the wine vending machines. One end of the wine vending machine is connected with a motor to drive the rotating wine vending machine to displace the goods in the whole cargo channel and push the goods at the front end to drop for shipment. The goods with the diameter distance of the second wine vending machine will become a commodity for the next shipment to achieve accurate shipment. Of course, people make mistakes, let alone machines that keep running for a long time.
What should we pay attention to when the shipping channel of the wine vending machine is not smooth? Reasonably place commodities. The phenomenon of goods jam usually occurs because the goods are not placed properly during replenishment, resulting in friction between the goods and the wine vending machine. If the specifications of the goods are not standard, once the placement is inclined, the phenomenon of goods jam is more likely to occur;
Secondly, reasonably place the goods according to the diameter distance of the wine selling machine and the height of the tray. Different diametral distances are applicable to different sizes of goods for sale. In addition, the height dimension of the wine bottle is inconsistent with the height of the tray, which is also easy to cause the shipment to be blocked.
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