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Automatic stubble cooler is a kind of brewing equipment, which has the characteristics of fast speed and high efficiency. It can automatically add water, bend pipes, unload materials and mix evenly, with ideal cooling effect. Each stubble cooler consists of a bending device, which is one of the more important equipment in the stubble cooler. The bending device is located at the bottom of the stubble cooler to collect the materials leaked from the discharge port, so as to save materials and avoid waste.
In the traditional brewing process, the glutinous rice grains are manually scattered at the designated position after coming out of the pot. According to the actual situation, the thickness of the ferment is continuously adjusted through manual adjustment, and the underground is cooled by a fan. Continuous manual adjustment is required, which greatly increases the workload of workers. At the same time, due to the inconsistent thickness of the ferment, the cooling of the ferment will often lead to uneven cooling, which will affect the effect of koji, and then affect the volume of wine after fermentation.
The automatic stubble cooling machine has fundamentally solved this problem. By adjusting the height of the hopper baffle, the moving thickness of the distiller's grains is adjusted to achieve the purpose of uniformity. During operation, the bottom end of the chain plate conveyor belt is continuously cooled by a centrifugal fan. According to the uniform process thickness under air cooling conditions and the gap between the bottom end of the hopper and the chain plate conveyor, the flow and air pressure of the fan are adjusted so that the materials can be uniformly cooled on the chain plate conveyor belt. The design of the belt is adjustable. Require customization.
The automatic stubble cooler is used to cool the straws. The straws leaked from the straws mesh belt fall directly into the stainless steel box designed by this machine. After cleaning, it can be completely used in the water tank, which is convenient for cleaning and eliminates waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, the workshop floor does not need any preparation. It can also be used on the move as needed.
Compared with the original stubble cooler, the full-automatic stubble cooler has more obvious advantages. Automatic stubble blowing machine is developed on the basis of the original stubble blowing machine. The original stubble machine needs 40-50 minutes to cool stubble. The upgraded automatic stubble cooler only takes about 20 minutes, which greatly shortens the time, improves the efficiency and shortens the working time.
A hanging basket is arranged directly below the straw hopper discharge port of the stubble cooler and above the transmission chain at the bottom of the stubble cooler. Both ends of the hook basket are respectively fixed on the cross beam of the stubble dryer support; The hook basket is a folding guard board raised at one end; The convex end of the folding guard plate is provided with an adjusting bolt, which is used to adjust the folding height collection structure of the bending basket on the beam.
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