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Historically, oak barrels have an insurmountable position, but as a product of the development of the new era, stainless steel tank solid wood barrels can be said to have its significance. Here's what happened.
Oak barrels have no long service life. Long term use will not only make them lose their original flavor, but also the stains left in the wood cracks during use will breed various bacteria, thus reducing the taste of the wine. Therefore, we need to continue. Replacement greatly increases the cost of wine making, and also makes wine more and more far away from the life of ordinary people. The emergence of stainless steel barrels has brought us a wide variety of wines and exposed us to a large number of wines of different styles, which has become a great invention in the new century.
Although losing the "oak" flavor of the oak barrel will not leave the taste of the good wine we think in the wine, some winemakers say that the stainless steel barrel can retain the natural color and flavor of the wine grapes and make the wine brewed. Purer and lighter. At the same time, the good confidentiality of stainless steel barrel is not as difficult to control its oxidation rate as oak barrel. We can only control the contact degree between wine and oxygen from the thickness of oak barrels, but we can not completely control the degree of freedom, which increases the uncertainty of wine on product quality.
Moreover, in the face of the devastated earth, environmental problems are also at stake. Using stainless steel buckets can save wood and water. Water saving is mainly reflected in its smooth material, which is easy to clean, but also because its smooth material does not need to be cleaned frequently. Its recyclability advantage. The wine often brewed in stainless steel barrels has light body and fresh flavor. It is not as mellow and rich as oak barrels, but it is especially suitable for novices in this industry.
In addition, in order to ensure the safe use of solid wood wine barrels with stainless steel liners, food grade stainless steel should be selected for production. To ensure its service life, materials with high corrosion resistance shall be selected when selecting materials. Stainless steel completely reflects sunlight and does not absorb sunlight and heat, or is it the kind that does not breed algae and always ensures clean water quality.
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