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The full-automatic stubble cooler can be regarded as the power of modern science and technology in both brewing equipment and wine production line. The huge benefits brought by the transformation of its production mode also convinced the liquor enterprises that intelligent brewing is an important cornerstone of the modern industrialization of Baijiu. The full-automatic stubble cooler uses mechanization to replace the traditional manual koji making method, saving labor.
Automatic stubble cooler is widely used in the brewing process. After the grain is piled up, operations such as grain mixing and adding Qu shall be carried out before entering the cellar. At the same time, the temperature needs to be reduced to a temperature more suitable for entering the cellar. The grain is transferred to the channel of the stubble machine. After the grain is mixed, turn the stubble cooler back and forth for several times, and then the fan under the channel blows out the air to achieve the purpose of cooling.
After adding distiller's yeast, it can be fermented in the cellar. In the brewing process, supporting equipment shall be provided for stubble and stubble cutting operations to reduce the waste of raw materials, production problems and labor waste caused by the use of machines in the brewing process.
The machine is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt and a mixing cage, a feeding rod, a turnover rod, a feeding device and a discharge pipe which are connected to the conveyor belt in turn. The fan is fixed on the frame on one side of the conveyor belt and has at least three groups. The blanking equipment consists of a lower hopper and a blanking roller fixed at the lower part of the lower hopper. There are baffles higher than both sides of the conveyor line. When in use, the wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt, the fan cooperates with crushing and mixing to quickly cool down, and the cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with the koji in the feeding equipment.
In addition, before using the machine, make corresponding checks, such as checking whether the motor of the machine is normal, and then start the equipment. During the inspection, the blower shall be used to clean the dirt and sundries in the motor at the same time, and the wiring shall also be measured to see whether it is qualified. If the motor is found to have mechanical damage or spark burns, the necessary disposal work shall be stopped immediately.
Check whether the surface of the commutator of the stubble cooler is bright. In case of mechanical damage or spark burn marks, stop necessary disposal. Check whether the brush is seriously damaged, whether the pressure of the brush holder is appropriate, and whether the position of the brush holder is at the position of the mark.
According to the nameplate of the stubble cooler motor, check whether the wiring mode between the windings of the DC motor is correct, whether the rated voltage of the motor is consistent with the power supply voltage, and whether the starting equipment of the motor meets the requirements and is intact.
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